Australian Police Commissioner Rejects ‘New World Order’ Vax Passport: ‘I Work for the People, Not the Elites’

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Australian police commissioner Mick Fuller says he will not enforce vaccine mandate

An Australian police Commissioner has rejected the country’s vaccine passport mandate imposed by the ‘New World Order’ by bravely refusing to enforce it on the general public.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said he will not be enforcing checks on people’s vaccination statuses in restaurants, clubs or bars.

“The role of police in terms of vaccine passports, we will not be walking through restaurants, cafes and pubs checking if people are double vaccinated,” he said.

“[But] we will certainly be assisting restaurant owners and shop owners if they are refusing entry to someone – we’ll certainly respond to assist those people.” reports: Health Minister Brad Hazzard asserted that it would be the police’s job to enforce the measures, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Unlike in some countries, businesses won’t face fines if they allow unvaccinated people to enter, rendering the whole scheme rather pointless.

As we previously highlighted, many businesses in France are not enforcing the vaccine passport mandate despite it being the law.

Melbourne has been rocked by unruly protests since the start of last week after a construction workers union demanded employees get the jab or lose their jobs.

After construction workers staged a protest outside union headquarters, the government announced it would be shutting down all work related to industry for two weeks as a punishment.

This led to further clashes between police and demonstrators, with riot cops and special units normally reserved for anti-terror operations unleashed on Aussies.

Meanwhile, New South Wales health chief Dr. Kerry Chant revealed the truth yesterday when she let slip that COVID lockdown measures will remain in place even if people take the vaccine.


    • It’s exactly like the CDC saying reporting of deaths and INJURIES TO VAERS is voluntary so they don’t know how many vaccinated people are really dying from covid aka Sars but that’s a lie They have the figures at every coroners office. They are hiding them. They do know. They use the VAERS, or in Australia, the TGA figures to deceive. They in the ordinary course of their business as doctors and coroners know perfectly well the figures are all available to the health department itself.

  1. Where are his exact words here shown in the headline, I want to know what all he said about the elites and working for the People who pay his salary!

  2. So he will put businesses over individuals So he won’t respond to a customer complaining of being refused service but he will assist the business owners denying people services.

  3. A mandate IS NOT a law According to Sidney Powell who has been a lawyer since the 1970s or 80s and working in thevTexas State Prosecutouibs office for decades even as deputy state Prosecutor. A mandate is a sneaky way of deceiving the people. It’s requirement but not legally enforceable so if any cops try to enforce it they are acting unlawfully. That’s what he’s not telling.

  4. It is waaay past crunch time Australia. And yet, there still appears to be no decisive strategy to effectively and permanently knock this psychotic runaway train off its tracks. Lots of talk from lawyers carefully retaining their (international) reputation of forever being too afraid to attack the heads of the local dragons, politicians making some good but mostly empty threats (just to win votes perhaps), police and military blowing off pent up guilt, people protesting peacefully and seeing how the infiltrators set them up for arrest time and again. What happened to all that Australian backbone and bottle? Have the vast majority all turned to ignorant duped sheep so effortlessly? No charts, compass or rudder. Just go wherever the wind blows? Onto whatever reef lies that way? Lost the plot, bearings, direction, drive, vision and faith to boot. I wonder. Wonder I do…. Guess it will take a Messiah to save the day. Maybe the Messiah will let it play out real good and build up to such a hopeless mess that only a Messiah that is God of the universe could save the day. There would be no question then of the Savior being a true Messiah then would there? Now, have I not read such a story somewhere?…Wonder if anyone else perhaps also read such a thing. Wonder I do indeed. Guess no one reads anymore these days. – Just watch TV and believe it all. Incredible. Mind you, if I had predicted the events of the last few months three years ago I would have been laughed off as a conspiracy nut. Well the plan was written down (but hey, no one reads these days..) so I did predict that much more than three years ago, and yes that is exactly what they called me. Well, well, here we are. Wonderful indeed… A conspiracy is a theory until it is put to paper, then it is in existence, when it starts being carried out to the letter, then it is in execution. When they said that the penny would not drop even then, I thought they were too confident. No populous can be brainwashed to such an extent. Well I was wrong. The facts of today will be viewed in utter wonderment in future. For sure. One thing is for certain, one can never undo delusion which has been so vigorously sought and embraced by so many. Fear certainly is a great destroyer. Fear of facing the hard facts can destroy one’s sense of reason, understanding and yes, wisdom. The fear of God, we are told, is the beginning of wisdom. Well, there can be no chance of wisdom when they that believe there is no God are described as fools in the book God gave us. Maybe that makes one wonder, or not. Either way, it sure is very telling. Fulfilling, in fact. Of things predicted that seemed too wonderfully improbable to ever be true. Surely history could not repeat itself. Well apparently it does. Some Rabbi told me once that the Hebrew word for it is ‘midrash’. Guess this must build then. Don’t believe me. Read the comments that are sure to follow. See for yourself. Wonder you will..

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