UK University Hits ‘Oliver Twist’ With Trigger Warning

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Oliver Twist

A ‘woke’ UK University has issued a trigger alert for the Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist to protect ‘the mental health and well-being’ of Masters-level students.

Staff at Royal Holloway, University of London, issued a content warning over concerns that themes of ‘child abuse’, ‘domestic violence’ and ‘racial prejudice’ could cause “anxiety” and “distress,” the Daily Mail reported.

RT reports: A Masters-level course on ‘Victorian Literature, Art and Culture’ at the Royal Holloway, University of London, has issued the content warning for the 1838 novel, according to the paper. Details of the alert emerged following a Freedom of Information request by the Daily Mail.

Among the material thought to be deemed as potentially upsetting to some students, the Mail reported, is the chapter featuring the famous workhouse scene, wherein the orphan Oliver is hit by a soup ladle after delivering the memorable line, “Please, sir, I want some more.”

An unnamed spokesman for the university defended the content warning, noting that it was a part of “our responsibility to support the mental health and well-being of our students.” He described it as a “standard and accepted practice within academia.”

They exist to educate and inform students in advance around potentially sensitive topics which could cause them anxiety or distress, perhaps as a consequence of past experience.

But critics pointed to the novel’s enduring popularity, with historian and author Jeremy Black telling the paper that the book was “part of [the UK’s] literary heritage.” He added that the “characteristics of life” explored in such works “can disturb,” but noted that this is “an aspect of maturity.”


  1. Sickens was the observer of England’s evils and used his pen to be the conscience of a shameful and degenerate society based on grotesque inequality in preserving their class system He wrote the truth and rbey don’t like it They don’t like him They want the world to believe England was everything romantic and lively Scones with ham and cream and halo idyllic boat trips on the stream. He depicts a society they want forgotten as if it never existed. As if it weren’t fundame talist traditions.

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