Dylan Mulvaney: ‘It’s Time to Jail Americans Who Use Wrong Pronouns’

Fact checked
Dylan Mulvaney says its time to jail Americans who use the wrong pronouns

Transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney has said he would like to see Americans who use the wrong pronouns sent to jail for daring to question the woke narrative.

Mulvaney, who gained national attention after Bud Light partnered with him to promote their beer, made the outlandish comments in a Twitter video last week.

The trans activist says he is furious that multiple publications keep referring to him as a “him” in the wake of the Bud Light scandal.



Infowars.com reports: Should society be forced to perpetuate a lie and enable a delusion in the name of saving people from hurt feelings?  Most trans people say yes, arguing that misgendering leads to trans suicides and that words are the same as violence.  That is to say, the activists believe their fragility earns them privileges. 

This has also been the messaging of the corporate media in response to the Mulvaney debacle; they do not seem interesting in debating the scientific or biological facts at hand when it comes to the trans issue.  Rather, they focus on the “meanness” of Mulvaney’s critics and the supposed harm that is being done to the mental health of activists through politically incorrect language.  However,  it’s not the responsibility of the public or the government to protect the paper-thin egos of random citizens who are desperate to feel special. 

Sometimes the truth hurts.  No amount of plastic surgery or caked on make-up is going to change that.  And, when it does hurt, it’s not up to society to suppress the truth for the sake of weak people.