CDC Investigates Rise in Mysterious Brain Disease in Fully Vaccinated Kids

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CDC investigating mysterious rise in brain disease among fully vaccinated kids in America

The CDC has launched an urgent investigation into the “mysterious” rise in brain disease among fully vaccinated children in America.

Acocrding to health officials, southern Nevada saw cases of rare, serious brain abscesses among children triple in 2022. Now the CDC is investigating what is causing the increases, according to a CNN report.

Physicians noticed more than 75 percent of cases were found in boys aged around 12 — and cases began to increase significantly in the Spring of 2022, but the reason is a “mystery” to doctors, according to CNN. reports: The Southern Nevada Health District Division of Disease Surveillance and Control conducted its own investigation into the increases and concluded that the cases had “no common exposures,” adding to the puzzle. 

Now the CDC will take the reins to dive deeper into what may have caused the sudden boom. 

Physicians in other states have noted a rise as well. Sunil Sood, MD, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Northwell Health in New York, told CNN he believes he and his staff are seeing around twice as many cases of brain abscesses in children than before.

Brain abscesses can cause other serious conditions, including seizures and impaired balance, vision and speech, but they are not a condition that physicians are mandated to report, and involvement from agencies like the CDC only comes after additional assistance is requested.

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