US TV’s “Long Island Medium” Investigated For Fraud

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Teresa Caputo, who is the star of one of America’s most popular cable television shows, “Long Island Medium”, is under investigation for fraud, according to reports.  The show, which focuses around self-proclaimed psychic medium Teresa Caputo and her work as a medium alongside storylines involving her husband and two grown children.  

Reports claim that many are unsatisfied with her readings and are alleging she has lots of people and sources helping her make her readings seem real.  Caputo has been plagued by these accusations for years,  the US based newspaper “The Christian Post” reported on it last year

they wrote: The Christian Post:

“Long Island Medium” star Theresa Caputo is reportedly under investigation for fraud and many of her so-called clients are dissatisfied with their readings and claim Caputo has no real “gift” but plenty of sources helping her pull off a scam.

“Theresa is like a vulture preying on the most vulnerable,” private investigator Ron Tebo told Radar Online. “I think it’s despicable.”

Tebo runs a fraud complaint website,, and has been reportedly speaking with several of Caputo’s clients, all of whom say that they were disappointed or let down by their reading.

He has accused Caputo of having people investigate her clients before meeting with them in order to provide a more accurate reading, or simply going with the age-old trick of asking a very vague question in order to get a client to spill everything.”

Long Island Medium

However Caputo, a year later is soldiering on, profiting from her success.

An article published earlier this month titled “‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Designing Jewelry Amid Fraud Claims” in M Starz News said:

“Theresa Caputo might have six seasons of a hit TV show under her belt, as well as a book and a national tour, but the Long Island Medium star is using her fame to cash in on even more business deals. While the star has been dealing with fraud allegations when it comes to her act, she has decided to start a new business endeavor by releasing a line of jewelry.

That’s right, pretty soon fans will be able to wear a piece of Caputo wherever they go.”

But, is that what the audience really wants?

Back in January of this year, M Starz also published an article titled “‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo A Fake? Psychic Cancels Tour Amid Fraud Claims: Did Andy Cohen Have Anything To Do With It?” and had this to say:

She might be from Long Island but is she still a medium? Star of TLC series Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo is coming under fire today as she just cancelled a slew of her psychic shows during the upcoming weeks. The 47-year-old reality star has been on tour since 2012, where she has taken her show of live readings across the county. However, in recent months the star’s credibility has come under questioning as many think that she is just putting on an act.

According to Radar Online, Theresa has drawn some criticism and speculation from fans and followers, saying that she is giving up on performing, as she currently doesn’t have any upcoming events listed on her website.

Radar is reporting that this lapse in shows is odd, since the TLC star has been performing pretty regularly since 2012.

“This is very unusual. She is always on tour around this time. Something is definitely up,” a source explained to the site.

According to The Inquistr, Theresa’s credibility might be fading after she had an exposé written about her, by journalist Jaime Franchi, who had seen one of her live performances.


“For me, this unbelievable experience was simply that: not to be believed. In my humble opinion, Caputo is a damn good performer, and she’s got undeniably likable sass and charisma,” Franchi wrote. “I just don’t think she speaks with the dead.”

Bravo executive Andy Cohen also slammed Caputo in his book, The Andy Cohen Diaries, claiming that when he asked her to contact his late bestie, Natasha Richardson, she was unable to do so.

“I asked for a few minutes with her afterwards to see if Natasha would come through,” the Watch What Happens Live host explained, adding, ” She didn’t, so it was a lot of fishing.”