Putin Vows to Defend Internet Free Speech at All Costs

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Putin vows to protect internet free speech

Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to defend the free speech rights of all citizens online during a conference earlier this week.

In stark contract to western leaders’ attempts to stifle free speech online, Putin told the Russian Internet Governance Forum, “I am confident that we should continue to follow the principle of the freedom of the Internet, creating conditions for a wide exchange of information and the implementation of business initiatives and startups.”

Infowars.com reports: The Russian leader said that it was important to balance free speech online with concerns about tackling cyber-crime and illegal content.

Putin’s position is at odds with many western leaders, who have elevated concerns about “fake news” and people’s feelings being hurt over free speech.

In addition to the widespread banning and deplatforming of numerous dissident speakers over the course of the last year, Internet regulation by the state is also intensifying in the west.

According to reports, the UK is about to impose what some are calling “the toughest Internet laws in the world” in the name of stopping cyber-bullying and the spread of “disinformation”.

The European Union also recently passed Article 13, which some fear could lead to the banning of memes.

In the not too distant future, the Russian Internet, where for example you can criticize transgenderism without the risk of being arrested (unlike in the UK), might be more free than anywhere in western Europe.

I can think of nothing more humiliating than that.


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    • You’ve been listening to the wrong news, most are corrupted and run by deep state. I’ve watched Donald Trump since 1970s when he first became famous for being a self-made billionaire and a financial genius. Trump is a natural-born leader and is doing a great job, but msm news doesnt’ report it at all and instead tries to make him look bad because most news is backed by CIA. I know this because my dad was an admiral who was one of our former presiden’ts advisors. I know what leadership looks like too. Donald Trump was always being interviewed by the news (until it became so corrupt) because everyone wanted to hear his opinion on political issues – and he was always right and always gave an honest opinoin. not sugar-coated. He was NEVER a racist either. I remember very well when he donated one million $ to jesse Jackson’s run for president (first black man to run) and there is a video on You Tube of Jesse thanking Donald Trump for a lifetime of service to black community. Right now, Trump is playing the criminals in our govt and they will soon be carted off to gitmo. THey know it and that’s why they are acting like idiots so much, they are terrified. Any president that can get the bad guys in govt prosecuted and scared and on the run is a true leader – and he did it with very few honest patriots in govt.

      • You’re also listening to the wrong news. Trump self made???? His grampa made the family fortune in Smut porn and child prostitution. The alt news is just as fake as CNN

  2. Putin is a freemason puppet just like Trump and Angela Merkel to name a few. They all belong to secret societies

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