Border Patrol Head Warns Americans ‘We Can No Longer Protect You’

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Jason Owens, the new head of the Border Patrol has warned that his agency is unable to protect Americans from “hardened criminals” smuggling in weapons, narcotics and gang members because of Biden’s open border.

Appearing on ABC News, Owens slammed the Biden administration and stated that the Border Patrol cannot lawfully send back people illegally trying to enter the country over the Southern border, and has to “enforce the laws that are on the books.”

“In terms of flow and the threats that we’re seeing with Fentanyl and with the criminal organizations that are our adversary, it’s about as bad as I’ve ever seen it,” Owens urged.

He continued, “This isn’t sustainable. This is up-and-down the system, everybody is overwhelmed. Even the government of Mexico, which have been great partners for us, the U.S. Border Patrol, a lot of times our facilities are already over capacity.”

Summit News reports: House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner blasted the Biden administration Sunday, charging that they are “encouraging” unsustainable surges at the border.

The GOP Rep. said that “the manner in which they have — have provided assistance to migrants, not really communicating that our borders should be closed. Instead, have encouraging an open border policy.”

“You know, this is a national security and an economic security threat. On national security, we’ve seen individuals on the terrorist watch list be apprehended. We certainly see fentanyl and other drugs coming across the border. On economic security, you even have the mayor of New York saying that it’s destroying his city,” Turner added.

He added that “the Biden administration just in the last 10 days took action to give 200,000 Venezuelans temporary protective status, which includes that they cannot be deported and work privileges.”

“If we had the right policies, they wouldn’t be here. By providing them these — the open assistance, what you’re seeing is an encouragement for others to come,” he further asserted. Watch:

Less than a quarter of American voters approve of Biden’s handling of the border, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Correct .And a top brass yank told us here don’t think we can protect you down under .Forget it We can’t .
    And we’ve got no military and no money cause the billionaires have got it all .
    Anyway they’re going to dispose of everyone a d they think they’ll be alright in their underground bases .Well they won’t be .I can see that clearly using my remote vision Lol .

  2. The Border Patrol cannot lawfully send back people illegally trying to enter the country? WTF yes you CAN lying sack of crap. So sick of all the gaslighting propaganda. Like sheriffs, his Oath and job requires him to protect Americans from foreign invasion, from domestic violence, and to DENY UNCONSTITUTIONAL ORDERS preventing him from doing his job. Any sheriff, military or security officer saying otherwise is either an idiot or a lying propagandist.

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