School Board Director Plans ‘Queer Night’ For Babies and Toddlers In Sex Shop

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A school board director in Washington state plans to host a “Queer Youth Open Mic Night” at a sex shop and has invited children as young as toddlers and even babies to attend and participate.

Jenn Mason, a member of the Bellingham Public Schools board of directors, will hold the June 1st event at her WinkWink Boutique, that specializes in “expertly-curated sex and body products” in Bellingham.

Come share and hold space for this celebration and stage for young queer voices in our community,” states a Facebook post advertising the event, encouraging all children aged “0 to 18 years old” to attend.

Mason’s WinkWink sex shop asserts, “We believe that normalizing, accepting and affirming all bodies, identities and gender experiences is an inherently political act. Pleasure is our revolution.”

Mason also offers “sex coaching” to help couples achieve orgasms and advertises how she can help clients in “pleasing yourself or a partner.

The sex shop owner claimed the event for young children would be separated from the area containing the sex toys, body products and hardcore pornography, although Seattle radio host Jason Rantz wasn’t convinced.

The sex shop isn’t living up to its promise to be ‘inclusive, never creepy’. This event is inappropriately inclusive and extremely creepy,” said Rantz.

The school district has also attempted to separate itself from the disturbing event, telling Fox News that the “community event is not sponsored by our schools or school district.

Summit report: The event is likely to increase concerns held by parents that members of the LGBTQ movement are hiding behind it in order to groom children into adopting a gay or trans identity.

As reported last month, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki declared that kindergarten age children should be discussing whether they are “a girl or a boy” with teachers.

One in five Gen Z adults now identify as LGBTQ, while the number of total Americans doing the same has doubled in a decade, according to a Gallup poll released back in February.

Obviously, there isn’t a huge increase in young people being “born gay,” but many have been socially re-educated via culture and the schooling system to adopt LGBTQ identities, a path that normally leads to isolation, manic depression and in some cases suicide, before we even consider the moral aspects.

The results of the poll underscored how mainstream culture’s increasing obsession with identity politics is manipulating young people into identifying as LGBTQ because they think it’s cool, edgy or makes them unique.

However, given that such brainwashing is being imposed via top down social engineering, it’s not edgy or unique at all.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. They are under a spell created by scientists. No normal person anywhere on this planet ever before would describe children as being from 0 to 18 years old. Never Turning 21 was celebrated as a huge achievement to be so old in the past. People died around 40. They were married at 14 15 and with kids by 16 just as normal people. They weren’t going to sex parties playing winky poo surprise with 2 year olds at even 12.They have never been so pathetic.

  2. For what it’s worth, I am 64 years old and gay, and I cannot say strongly enough how much I disapprove of this. That school board thing does those kids no good, and does we gay people no good. All I want to do is live my life. Ugh!

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