Video: Norway Builds First “Bee Highway”

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bee highway

The capital of Norway, Oslo, has started to build the world’s first bee highway – which consists of a plethora of flowering areas where the bees can feed while traveling through the city.

GeoBeats News explains:

Norway’s capital city, Oslo, is in the midst of building the world’s first known “bee highway.”

The goal is to ensure that there are flowers for local bees to feed on about every 800 feet so they don’t feel as stressed or starved while traveling through the urban area.

Thus far, a grassy outside space has been replanted with nectar-rich flowers like marigolds.

To cover the expanse of buildings, a local gardening group has distributed potted plants to be placed on balconies and roofs, and some businesses have even joined in, paying to landscape their terraces accordingly.

The public can track the project’s progress online, including identifying areas that still need coverage.

Although Norway’s bee population hasn’t been affected as much as that in the U.S., a significant number are still considered at risk for extinction.

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