Ron Paul: Authoritarians Have ‘Suspended the Constitution’ and ‘Placed the Country Under House Arrest’

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Authoritarians have effectively "suspended the Constitution" and "placed the country under house arrest," says former Congressman Ron Paul, who says "Resistance is building to to coronavirus house arrest orders... and it's about time!"

Authoritarians have effectively “suspended the Constitution” and “placed the country under house arrest,” says former Congressman Ron Paul, who says “Resistance is building to to coronavirus house arrest orders… and it’s about time!

As of April 6, forty-one American states have unprecedented statewide “stay-at-home” and “shelter in place” decrees in force. 

Across the country, from political leaders, to small business owners, to parents who just want to take their children to the park, resistance is growing to the authoritarians who have effectively suspended the Constitution and placed most of the country under house arrest,” writes Ron Paul.

Lawsuits are also challenging unlawful “stay at home” orders.

What if all the hysteria-driven orders have actually made the virus outbreak even worse?

More scientists are coming forward to argue for the “Sweden model” of moderation rather than lockdown.”

Watch today’s Liberty Report with Ron Paul:

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Of course .That’s why Melania wrote welcome to the new world order on her Twitter account in the 23 March Its happened and the virus was the weapon they used to set themselves up and now they will blame China so they can murder and rob them.

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