Texas Sues Pfizer For Allegedly Defrauding Medicaid With ‘Ineffective Drug’

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The state of Texas has launched legal action against Big Pharma giant Pfizer, alleging the notorious drugmaker manipulated test results to cynically disguise fact that drug for attention deficit disorder was not effective.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued Pfizer in a case unsealed Monday, alleging they defrauded Medicaid and the people of Texas by manipulating quality control tests.

“At no point did Defendants warn Texas Medicaid providers or decision-makers that Quillivant had known manufacturing issues affecting its efficacy, thereby depriving the Medicaid program of the crucial information it relies on,” the suit claims. 

“As a result, thousands of Texas children received an adulterated Schedule II Controlled Dangerous Substance,” the suit continues.

You can read the suit here.

“I am horrified by the dishonesty we uncovered in this investigation,” the attorney general said.

“Pfizer and Tris intentionally concealed and failed to disclose the issues with Quillivant to receive taxpayer funded benefits through Texas Medicaid, defrauding the state and endangering children.”

The suit does not make clear the extent of damages being sought by the state of Texas.

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