Disney Fires CEO After Massive Failures With Wokeness and Pro-Pedophilia Content

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Disney fires pro-pedophilia CEO

Disney has replaced CEO Bob Chapek with Bob Iger after its recent spate of pro-pedophilia and woke content proved to be unpopular among audiences.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Walt Disney Co. announced on Sunday night that Bob Chapek will step down as CEO, with Bob Iger returning to lead the company:

“We thank Bob Chapek for his service to Disney over his long career, including navigating the company through the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic,” said Susan Arnold, chairman of the board, in a statement. “The Board has concluded that as Disney embarks on an increasingly complex period of industry transformation, Bob Iger is uniquely situated to lead the Company through this pivotal period.”

Chapek had just signed a new multi-year contract in June. Iger even acknowledged in an email to Disney employees Sunday that he is returning “with an incredible sense of gratitude and humility — and, I must admit, a bit of amazement.”

While Iger will be returning to his old role, the board also made it clear that his new term will be a temporary one.

Iger “has agreed to serve as Disney’s CEO for two years, with a mandate from the Board to set the strategic direction for renewed growth and to work closely with the Board in developing a successor to lead the Company at the completion of his term,” the board said.

Disney shares have fallen by nearly half since February, 2021, as woke policies and failed movies loaded with Cultural Marxism failed to excite fans. Was that Chapek’s fault or was he just continuing the direction that Iger had set?

Thelibertydaily.com reports: We’ll soon see. If Disney continues to be the wokest major entertainment company in America, this leadership change won’t do much. If Iger tries to change directions, he’ll have a whole lot of groomers and their supporters to contend with internally. It seems like a Catch-22 for someone who was decent during good times but not so great during bad times. Not that I ever give stock tips, but I wouldn’t bet on Disney rebounding anytime soon.


      • Some organizations like Black Lives Matter, corporations like Disney, other 501(c) Tax-exempt Corporations, and labor unions could be completely shut down with the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) . . .

        Under the law, the meaning of racketeering activity is set out at 18 U.S.C. § 1961 . . . Any violation of state statutes against gambling, murder, kidnapping, extortion, arson, robbery, bribery, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical (as defined in the Controlled Substances Act); . . .

        • That should come as no surprise. Jews don’t believe in Hell so will do anything for money. I would dare say they caused their own holocaust.

  1. Parents need to wake up to the Satanism of Disney and boycott all disney products and teach their children about how Satan can look so appealing on the outside, but so dangerous and deadly on the inside. Tell them about all the workers that were arrested for harming children, show them the hidden images of sex in their art. Then ban them from viewing them. My parents knew this back in the 60s, but never explained to me, they just would not allow me to veiw their movies. especially ponokio. wow, if that don’t give it away, what will? Old man crawling into a bed with a boy. OMG! why wasn’t Disney burned down to the ground back then? and put some clothes on the jungle boy. geez.

  2. Igers a businessman primarily who set Disney up financially very well and increased Disney wealth by about 500%.Hie, raised in a Jewish hole to a navy father, married to his Catholic wife in an interfaith marriage. His predecessor won’t divulge his religion but it is known both of his parents are buried in the Catholic section.

  3. The bedrock of English Law: Christianity. And the Judaist thought has been trying to overthrow Christianity for over 2,000 years. What better way to destroy the Bill of Rights than to control the airwaves with anti-Christian values.

    Bob Chapek Wiki, Age (Disney CEO) Wife, Biography & Family Business
    Feb 25, 2020 — He took birth in the Jew family and both his father and mother are Jewish. He can speak English as well as Spanish. There is no information …

    Bob Iger – Wikipedia wiki › Bob_Iger
    Robert Allen Iger is an American businessman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Walt … Robert Iger was born to a Jewish family in New York City.

  4. What idiot thinks they are going to put any resemblance of a moral non pedo man in charge. Not going to happen.

  5. it would be great to see a video of Disney world on the historically busiest day annually being deserted and empty of customers, just lonely mascots walking around sitting on benches with their heads off smoking cigarettes.

  6. I want to know when will Congress strip them of their illegal trademarks. Nobody owns trademarks for 100 years.

  7. To be clear Disney is replacing it’s leadership due to lost profits and sinking stock prices. I don’t expect them to deviate in any way from their social agendas.

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