Bin Laden Plane Dodged Mysterious Aircraft Before Crashing

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Air accident investigators have found that the bin Laden plane crash, which killed three members of the bin Laden family last week, had dodged another aircraft moments before it crashed. 

The plane, travelling from Milan to Britain, overtook a microlight aircraft after it began its descent. reports:

It then landed two thirds of the way along the runway. This gave it 438 metres to complete the landing when it needed 616 metres, the AAIB said.

After leaving the runway, the plane collided with a one-metre high earth bank – causing part of the landing gear to detach and the plane to become briefly airborne.

It then collided with several parked cars 70 metres beyond the bank where the wings detached from the fuselage and the plane burst into flames.

Coroner for North Hampshire, Andrew Bradley, who opened and adjourned the inquest into their deaths, said the bodies were ‘incinerated’.

Mr Bradley confirmed the identities of the three members of bin Laden’s family as his stepmother Raja Bashir Hashem, 75, her daughter, Sana bin Laden, 53, and Zouheir Anuar Hashem, 56.

The Jordanian pilot was 58-year-old Mazen Salim Alqasim, Mr Bradley said.

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