WEF Scientists Warn Cold Weather Is Actually Caused by ‘Global Boiling’

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WEF scientists claim cold weather is caused by global boiling

WEF scientists are now warning that the cold weather in the U.S., Britain, and Europe is actually caused by so-called ‘global boiling.’

According to WEF-funded Oxford scientist Beatriz Monge-Sanz, man-made climate change is to blame for the frequency and intensity of cold spells this winter:

Global warming may be behind an increase in the frequency and intensity of cold spells

Beatriz Monge-Sanz , The Conversion

One less obvious consequence of global warming is also getting growing attention from scientists: a potential increase in the intensity and frequency of winter cold snaps in the northern hemisphere.

Jo Nova reports: Naturally, this “potential” increase was expected, even though they didn’t think to mention it.  Even if they told us our children won’t know what snow is.

Some of the mechanisms that lead to their occurrence are strengthened by global warming. Key climate mechanisms, like exchanges of energy and air masses between different altitude ranges in the atmosphere, are evolving in ways expected to cause an increase in both the intensity and duration of cold snaps.

They expected it right after it started happening.

Students of psychics will note the princelings of climate science cover their bases in the same ambiguous terms — the weather can be very social and outgoing, but at times shy, you know. And key mechanisms, which we won’t name, at altitudes that are different, may be evolving. See what I mean?

These exchanges of energy and air masses “link to the behaviour of a region in the high atmosphere called the stratosphere.” says Ms Beatriz Monge-Sanz, mysteriously, explaining nothing at all and everything all at once.

I defy anyone to unpack the “mechanisms”. Somehow extra CO2 causes Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) at the poles, and they can’t quite explain how. But they know, post hoc, that SSW’s have increased in the last 40 years, so it must have been “climate change” because that increased too.  And if only their supercomputers were a bit more super, they might be able to actually predict these SSW events in advance and all. But they can’t, and they even admit that.

Monge-Sanz is a senior researcher in Physics at Oxford.

I’d like to ask her: What weather would show us that climate models are wrong?

The tally of failure continues:  the hot spot is still missing, the climate models can’t predict the climate on a local, regional, or continental scale, they don’t know  why global warming slowed for years, They can’t explain the pause, the cause or the long term historic climate movements either. Measurements of satellites, clouds, 3,000 ocean buoys6,000 boreholes, a thousand tide gauges, and 28 million weather balloons  can’t find the warming that the models predict. In the oceans, the warming isn’t statistically significantsea-levels started rising too early, aren’t rising fast enough, aren’t accelerating, nor are warming anywhere near as much as they predictedAntarctica was supposed to be warming faster than almost anywhere but they were totally wrong. The vast Southern Ocean is cooling not warming. And the only part of Antarctica that’s warming sits on top of a volcano chain they prefer not to tell you about.

No wonder expert climate modelers don’t want their own pensions bet on climate models.

Students of 20th Century Climate Dogma 101 will marvel at how long a stupid, skillless, hypothesis kept rolling years after it was proven wrong.

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