Kim Jong Un Tells Army To Prepare For War With US

Fact checked

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has told the army to potentially prepare for a war with the US. 

“The prevailing situation where a great war for national reunification is at hand requires all the KPA (Korean People’s Army) units to become (elite) Guard Units fully prepared for war politically and ideologically, in military technique and materially,” he said. reports:

Kim reportedly told the army to train to “tear to pieces the Stars Stripes.”

According to AFP, Kim’s comments came after a recent joint naval drill between South Korea and the U.S., and ahead of large-scale military exercises.

North Korea condemns the drills as rehearsals for invasion, the report said.

Kim made his remarks at an opening for a new hall at the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum in Pyongyang, KCNA said, according to AFP.