David Cameron: “I’m Prepared To Press Red Nuclear Button”

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British PM David Cameron says he is prepared to "press the red [nuclear] button" if necessary

British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he is prepared to press the red button (or the ‘nuclear button’) if he needs to do it – directly opposing Labour’s current stance on the nation’s security. 

Opposing Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-nuclear stance, David Cameron told the Conservagtive Party Conference in Manchester on Monday that he believed Britain should retain the Trident nuclear deterrent.

Sky News reports:

And he said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s recent comment that he would not authorise the use of nuclear weapons even if Britain was under nuclear attack “undermined national security”.

Mr Cameron said: “The problem with his answer is, if you … believe like me that Britain should keep the ultimate insurance policy of an independent nuclear deterrent, you have to accept there are circumstances in which its use would be justified.

“If you give any other answer then you are, frankly, undermining our national security, undermining our deterrent, ” he told BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show.

Mr Corbyn’s remarks in an interview marred the last day of the Labour Party Conference.

The party is significantly divided on the issue with a number of prominent Shadow Cabinet members seeking to retain the Trident system – which is up for renewal next year – and Mr Corbyn suggesting he was happy to accept a split on the issue.



  1. MAD vs MAD Zine would never workout well for america-the math just isn`t there and most likely china/Russia has control of our nukes the goverment is just selling you bunk/ER-SS again to get your taxe dollars for their 1% handlers-AKE puppert master`SS^^^$$$.MAD vs MAD is not even a tangible

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