Russia: ISIS Planning American ‘Thanksgiving Bloodbath’ Next Week

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A Russian Foreign Intelligence Service report warns that America may face a potential “Thanksgiving bloodbath” during the holiday period network, at the hands of ISIS. reports:

According to SVR intelligence analysts, the Federation issued a 12 November warning bulletin to the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) that a terror attack was about to take place—a warning that was, shamefully, ignored.

Causing this extraordinary warning to be issued to be issued by the SVR to the DGSE, this report explains, was the tracking of movement and communications of Islamic State terrorists known to be planning attacks—4 of whom were secretly transported from Syria to the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey where they then boarded a US Army cargo flight bound for Joint Base Andrews located near Washington D.C.

Authorizing the transport of these Islamic State terrorists to America, this report continues, was US Army Lieutenant General Ron Lewis—who aside from being the top Pentagon aide to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, had also been the main liaison between the Pentagon and France last week for a massive terror exercise that took place the morning of the Friday the 13th Paris Massacre.

Hours before the beginning of this mass-shooter exercise in Paris the morning of 13 November, this report says it’s important to note, the 4 Islamic terrorist leaders who were secreted out of Syria to Washington D.C. were brought to the Pentagon to meet with General Lewis (who himself had just returned from Paris) immediately after which Defense Secretary Carter fired him, the man just a month ago he had praised by stating:  “It’s my privilege, also, to work closely with some of the terrific soldiers, and I want to take a moment to recognize some of them who are right around me every day, starting with my senior military assistant, Lt. Gen. Ron Lewis. Time after time, whenever I’ve needed Ron’s counsel and vision, I’ve been able to count on him. Thanks, my friend.”

As to the whereabouts of the 4 Islamic State terrorists General Lewis secreted into America immediately before his firing, this report says, it is not know at this time—but a secret internal US police bulletin for them has been issued, which was subsequently made public after this grave notice was leaked by “unnamed/unknown” sources to WTTG-TV reporter Emily Miller.

The SVR, however, in their tracking of these 4 Islamic State terrorists since they last appeared on camera at the Pentagon metro station, this report continues, shows them traveling to the Boston, Massachusetts, region where, “coincidentally”, a US Army armory was reported to have been broken into where a substantial amount of weapons and explosives were stolen.

Combined with these 4 Islamic State terror leaders now in the United States, this report further notes, continuing reports of Syrian terrorists entering into America continue to flood in—including the 8 Syrian terrorists captured on the Texas border and another 5 arrested in Honduras caught traveling to the US using stolen Greek passports.

Not to the captured Islamic State terrorists entering into America is the SVR concerned about either, this report states, but rather it is those terrorists that haven’t been caught—such as the Islamic terrorists invading the USfound residing in Kentucky last year after they entered into the United States via their refugee programme.

As to why the United States is preparing to attack itself again in yet another false flag “event”, this report says, was best articulated earlier today by Foreign Minister Lavrov who said: “NATO is now actively looking for an enemy, because it has once again started searching the purpose of its existence after the Afghan campaign failed.”

And not just looking for an enemy either, this report explains, but actually creating one as many world experts are wondering why the United States still hasn’t cut off the Islamic States funding sources—and which President Putin warned about this week in his noting that these terrorists are being funded by 40 nations, including those belonging to the G-20.

Not playing the United States “game” with these Islamic State terrorists though, this report continues, now includes China after these barbarians executed one of their citizens they had previously put up for sale.

With the Friday the 13th Paris Massacre, also, now being confirmed to have been Western led and directed, this report says, French President Hollande has now broken with the United States telling President Obama his nation won’t wait for America’s lead in fighting these Islamic State terrorists—a stance that was quickly welcomed by the Federation and causing President Putin to issue orders telling the Russian Navy to work with their French counterparts in conducting this war.

And now with the Federation, France and China devoted to waging total war against the Islamic State, this report grimly warns, all that remains is for the United States to suffer a crippling attack like Paris—which SVR analysts note could occur as soon as next week during that nations Thanksgiving holiday, which will, undoubtedly, plunge the Americans into further terror.

But to the greatest concern of the SVR, this report concludes, is that by the Islamic State expanding this war by acts of terror may seem like a self-destructive move—it is squarely in keeping with what these barbarians advertise as its overriding, apocalyptic mission: to lure the world’s unbelievers into Syria for a final, Armageddon-like battle.

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