Maine Shooter Was Found Dead With TWO Gunshots To Head – Media Blackout

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Maine shooter was found with two gunshots to his head - mainstream media blackout

Robert Card, the man accused of the mass shooting in Maine, was found dead in the woods with TWO gunshot wounds to the head, according to initial reports.

The wounds indicate he was killed by somebody else. However, within minutes of media outlets reporting on the story, the references to the two gunshot wounds were erased from the internet. reports: Whether it was a mistake or a Deep State coverup, we’ll never know because both scenarios would play out exactly the same in corporate media.

Here’s the original Tweet, though the story that it links to has changed:

We are attempting to find a cached version of the original story but so far it seems to have been completely scrubbed. According to the newest version of the article:

Maine mass shooter Robert Card has been found dead in the woods with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head – ending a 48-hour manhunt involving over 300 members of law enforcement.

Androscoggin sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook: ‘The suspect in Wednesday nights shootings has been located and is deceased.’

Card, 40, was found near Lisbon, where his car was abandoned shortly after Wednesday’s massacre. His body was reportedly located near a recycling plant from where he was recently fired.

NN reports: According to multiple law enforcement sources, the gun investigators believe Robert Card used to murder 18 people and injure more than a dozen others was legally purchased days before he was hospitalized and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

In Mid-July, New York State Police were summoned to Card’s military base in Cortlandt, New York, because he was acting “belligerently and possibly intoxicated,” according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Three law enforcement sources affirm that State Police transported Card to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for intoxication and released the following day.

A New York State Police spokesperson said, “This is an active investigation, and the New York State Police does not comment on active investigations.”

A federal law enforcement source told CNN that the army issued Card a “Command Referral” to seek treatment after he disclosed to army personnel at Camp Smith that he had been “hearing voices” and contemplated “hurting other soldiers.”

A spokesperson for the National Guard Army Reserve officials reported Card for “behaving erratically,” Card was transported to the Keller Army Community Hospital at the United States Military Academy for “medical evaluation.”

According to law enforcement sources, Card’s encounters with the New York State Police and his National Guard superiors occurred just 10 days after he purchased the high-powered rifle from a firearms store in Maine.

The weapon was a Ruger SFAR chambered for powerful.308 ammunition, according to the sources. Military snipers firing at great distances and large game hunters favor the.308 caliber. It is broader and more potent than the standard ammunition carried by soldiers and SWAT teams in their rifles.

A ballistics match has not been validated, but sources say the weapon discovered in Card’s 2013 white Subaru Outback appears to be the same one used by the shooter at the bowling facility and the local bar. The FBI and ATF will examine the weapon for fingerprints and DNA, followed by laboratory testing to ascertain if the rounds and cartridge casings discovered at the crime scene match.

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