Soros Sends Busloads Of Protestors To Chicago

Fact checked
George Soros caught sending busloads of protestors to Chicago

George Soros has sent busloads of protestors to Chicago to demand an increase to the minimum wage – forcing a $15 an hour salary for entry-level jobs at McDonald’s. 

The thousands of Soros-funded protestors arrived in Chicago on Wednesday as part of an agenda to lower job aspirations for young people across America, while forcing corporations to slash recruitment as a result of unrealistic wage expectations. reports: So why would this fight continue if it is not only both bad for the company but also bad for the actual future of those fast food jobs? Well, because it is being *highly* funded by far-left organizations.

4Chan first noticed that dozens of expensive, unmarked, buses took to Chicago filled with “protestors” holding uniform and expensively printed signs:

Rather than the MSM commenting on how odd it is that these “working class Americans” somehow all knew to get on and disembark from those busses marching with corporately produced “protest signs”, they continue to report that this is simply a march fighting for living wages:

Do any of those pictures of “protestors” look “grassroots” or organically protesting? The notion that there is anything “grassroots” about these protests; the MSM is one again engaged in a big lie manufactured and paid for by far-left special interests.