Azealia Banks Reveals ‘Illuminati Ritual’ She Uses To Stay Sucessful

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Azealia Banks reveals satanic room used for illuminati rituals

Rapper Azealia Banks had admitted that she practises Illuminati rituals in a blood-stained room in order to succeed in the entertainment industry. 

On Friday night, Azealia uploaded a video to Instagram that showed a room which she said was used ‘for witchcraft’ in order to cast spells and which she admitted she had sacrificed chickens in. reports:

In an Instagram video, that has since been deleted, she chats to the camera looking like she’s ready to get her hands dirty.

She’s wearing a pair of safety goggles as she announces she’s about to clean the closet she uses for “brujeria”, which is a Spanish word for witchcraft.

Brujeria also refers to witch-healers in the Americas, especially in Latin America and the United States.

In the 44-second clip, Azealia, from Harlem, New York, says: “The amount of crap that’s about to come off my floor right you now guys, oh my God.”

It then jumps to a disgusting tiny room or closet that’s covered in what appears to be blood.

The substance is all over the floor and walls. Feathers can also be seen stuck to every inch of the room.

“Three years worth of brujeria,” she adds, panning the camera around the room.

“You know I’ve got to scrape all this s**t up. I got my sandblaster, my goggles, it’s about to go down.”

She also refers to herself as a witch, adding: “Real witches do real things.”

The Big Big Beat singer then starts scraping the floor and using a sandblaster on it.

The video no longer appears on the rapper’s Instagram account, but was shared by a fan on Twitter.

It is unclear what caused the mess and whether or not Azealia practices witchcraft.