North Korea Threatens Retaliation As Kim Jong-un Deported From UK

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Kim Jong-un detained at Heathrow airport before being deported

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was detained at London Heathrow airport for 12 hours before being deported after attempting to enter the United Kingdom in disguise and using a fake tourist visa, say Heathrow immigration officials.

After arriving on an early morning Air China flight, his documents were questioned and he was taken into custody for further questioning. After hours of interrogation the North Korean leader broke down and admitted who he was, and announced that he wanted to see Buckingham Palace, visit Harrods, and attend a Premier League football match, preferably Manchester United versus Chelsea.

According to North Korean military sources, the deportation of the supreme leader is being viewed as an act of aggression in Pyongyang.

The People’s Republic of Korea condemns, in the most serious tone possible, this act of extreme aggression towards our dear leader,” read a statement on the government-run website North Korean Central Information. “If another transgression of this type occurs in the near future we will be left with no choice but to retaliate with the total force of our military.”

North Korea is the proud owner of the world’s third largest free standing army. Pyongyang insiders are painting a picture of an “angry” army that has been “aggressively woken from a peaceful slumber” by the news of Kim Jong-un’s deportation.

The UK Home Office have not yet commented on this case.

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