Obama “Concerned” As Turkish Leader Turns Turkey Into Nazi Germany

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Is Turkish leader Erdogan turning fascist?

According to a new report issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Obama administration are very concerned following Turkish President Erdogan’s public praise of Nazi Germany

The report states that Erdogan has requested to become a “super president” by increasing the executive powers available to him, looking at Hitler’s Germany as inspiration for a constitutional reform in Turkey.

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

Though the Obama regimes propaganda mainstream “presstitutes” quickly tried to provide cover for Erdogan by quoting the Turkish governments absurd claim that their President’s statement was “misconstrued”,this report continues, they, likewise, failed to inform the American people that within hours of Erdogan praising Hitler’s Nazi Germany, his Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, also, further stated about Erdogan’s planned new government: “The correct one is the presidential system. An authoritarian structure could develop from the parliamentary system, as was the case with Hitler in Germany.”

With Turkey’s top two leaders, President Erdogan and Prime Minister Davutoglu, now both openly advocating for a Nazi German type government for their nation, this report states, their Hitler supporting statements put into stark relief yesterday’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) report that, just like Nazi Germany did to the Jews, described Erdogan’s mass genocide of his own Kurdish population—which the Obama regime continues to ignore, but now may no longer be able to.

Fueling the Obama regimes panic regarding the now self proclaimed Hitler loving Erdogan, this report notes, is the American people beginning to wake up to the reality and full horror of whom this man really is—and as evidenced by a recent White House Petition advocating that Turkey be listed as a state sponsor of terrorism and that the US alliance with Turkey, under NATO, should be voided too—that even though it failed to garner enough signatures, nevertheless proves that more of these peoples are beginning to break through the “propaganda wall” erected by Obama around this madman to protect him.

Unlike Obama though, this report concludes, a “very furious” President Putin has never had any illusions about Erdogan and is why the Federation has enacted against the now proclaimed Nazi-Turkey regime some of the most far reaching sanctions Russia has ever imposed on any nation in its entire history.

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