Obama Silent On Turkey’s Mass Genocide Of Kurds

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Obama stays silent on the genocide of Kurds by Turkey

The Ministry of Defense have accused tat the Obama administration of ignoring the systematic genocide of Kurds in Turkey by President Erdogan’s brutal regime. 

A report circulating the Kremlin warns that Turkey is close to breaking into a civil war, and that the Kurdish people are being slaughtered en masse in a style similar to Nazi Germany.

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

With Turkey’s Kurdish population being the largest ethnic minority in that country numbering between 14-22.5 million [Note: Turkey forbids an exact census of these people.], this report continues, Turkey considers them a threat—even to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowing recently that he will not allow this Kurdish “threat” to exist either inside or outside his country and stating about them: “You will be annihilated in those houses, those buildings, those ditches which you have dug.”

Backing up this vow, this report notes, Erdogan has not only begun a bombing campaign against the US-backed Kurdish peoples in Syria and Iraq heroically fighting, and dying, against Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terrorist barbarians, he has begun ruthlessly exterminating the Kurdish peoples in his own nation too.

Two of the worst Kurdish cities in Turkey under genocidal seize by Erdogan’s forces, this report grimly states, are Cizre and Silopi whose nearly 200,000 inhabitants are nearing death due to the 3 month long cutoff of all electricity, phone service, food and water while at the same they under constant bombardment—a grave situation that has led to Cemil Bayik, co-chair of the Union of Kurdish Communities’ (KCK) executive council, to warn: “We are heading to the establishment of a revolutionary resistance front with the participation of organizations that will come from inside and outside of Turkey.”

With the KCK and other Kurdish groups, including the much feared Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) within Turkey having ended their cease-fire with Erdogan’s forces once this genocidal action against them began, this report further notes, many experts are now expecting Turkey to be fully engulfed in civil war soon—including noted Turkish journalist and former military officer Metin Gurcan who has warned: “The PKK (and its allies) have only one ace to play to break the siege: It must transfer the clashes to western Turkey to ease the pressure it’s under in the southeast.”

Not just from journalist Gurcan are warnings’ coming either, this report continues, but from the Turkish government itself too which is, likewise, stating that “were one step away from civil war”.

And as Turkey has now blocked their border with Iraq stranding up to 10,000 Kurdish peoples from returning to their besieged homes and families [Note: thousands of Turkish Kurds work in Iraqi Kurdistan oil fields], MoD experts in this report warn, Iraq’s new threat of war against Turkey, unless it removes its troops that illegally invaded, is bringing this already dire and grave situation to the boiling point—especially with this coming after the bombshell revelations last week of the Obama regimes support of the Islamic State and Turkey’s arrest of two of its top generals who stopped a CIA weapons shipment to Islamic State terrorists from crossing into Syria from Turkey.

In confronting the Turkish governments genocide of the Kurdish peoples that will soon engulf that entire NATO nation in civil war, this report concludes, the Islamic State supporting Obama regime still insists that Turkey is their “strong ally”—but to which President Putin, who has long tired of the lies from both Obama and Erdogan, has no illusions about and has thrown Russia’s considerable weight onto the side of these starving and oppressed peoples—after all, with Obama having broken his promise for 7 straight years to officially recognize the American Genocide committed by Turkey, how much defense will he exert to keep the same thing from happening now to the Kurds?

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