Lavrov: Russia Rejects ‘New World Order’ and Is Moving Towards ‘Fair World Order’

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Less than a week after Joe Biden announced his administration is working towards the implementation of the New World Order, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov vowed that Russia will never accept the New World Order and its dire consequences for humanity.

Instead, Lavrov announced Russia under President Putin are carving a path towards a ‘fairer world order.’

Lavrov met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday, marking the first visit to a key ally since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, according to The Economic Times.

The two countries will work to achieve “a multipolar, fair, and democratic world order,” Lavrov said, speaking from the Chinese city of Tunxi located in the eastern inland Anhui Province.

In a video released by the Russian foreign ministry ahead of a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Lavrov said the world was “living through a very serious stage in the history of international relations”.

At the end of this reshaping of global relations “we, together with you, and with our sympathisers will move towards a multipolar, just, democratic world order“, Lavrov said. -Economic Times

Lavrov and Yi were seen on Chinese TV in face masks bumping elbows in front of their national flags shortly before the meetings – which Lavrov will attend – to discuss ways to help Afghanistan recover from the 20 year US occupation.

Both the US and the Taliban are expected to be in attendance at the talks.

US officials have grown frustrated with Beijing’s refusal to condemn the invasion of Ukraine, and have accused China of signalling a “willingness” to provide both economic and military aid to Russia.

According to Russia’s state-owned TASS news agency, Wang said that despite “new challenges” to relations between China and Russia, “the will of both sides to develop bilateral relations has become even stronger.”

Earlier this month Wang said that China’s relationship with Russia is “one of the most crucial bilateral relationships in the world,” and is “ironclad.”

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Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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      • china is not under the pope and has the leading GNP russia also is not under the pope and is the 2Nd leading GNP and both head up the WTO.The brittys don`t have any products to sell and slave tradeing is OVER.China 1$ store products all over the world and russian metals fuel and food.Pre-WW2 the brits lost much of thier lands lost most all of their settlers and by WW2 lost all their power.Not a factor in any major war since WW1.NO work force NO GNPs seen anywhere on earth.The pope does have latin power but china and russia will never be a crowned settlers camp.And china also now has a few lands that also has huge GNP metals What are they?.The over LORDING days of the popes are only in latin countrys.All this NEW WORLD ORDER is BS as that has been rerun like 100 times before in history,The world leaders in the open markets are russia and china with one starting to also gain on the west which one is it?.That is why the prices skyrocket china/russia if the britts failed to produce anything it would`nt effect the world at all nothing to sell no GNP no WTO just a fadding falling KINGDOM of unwanted overLORDs and fake knights of C playing bingo in fish hats on fridays

      • you’re right; but there are a few others right up there equal in power in the apex of the global cabal, like the Rothschild Criminal Banking Cartel, and a few old line wealthy families that have existed for generations.

  1. Let’s be honest here, Joe Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity to do anything. The people behind the scenes are telling this empty skin sac what to say and do for their goals.

  2. To know if that’s true I need to see the flags their standing under The edges are oncealed, is that a fringe they’re hiding, and the tops are cut out if rhe picture. Intentionally too most likely. If the flags are fringed in gold then they’re both lying. And what position are the egskes wings in on the top of the flags Are they the Pope’s? A flag represents the truth.. When they hide it then you can be sure your not getting the truth with the words they’re saying.

  3. The flags are everything, and ALWAYS they are hiding the tops in all of the media, so deceiving the whole world The top shows whose jurisdiction the actors are under and the edges, if they’re fringed in gold mean they are under international law, not their national sovereignty.. And the media are OBVIOUSLY forced to hide the truth whilst appearing to be disseminating it..

  4. ZelenSKYY`s DMZ ukraine ANTAGOMIST role interrupting the world trade algorithms is RECOGNIZED by design preplanned as KAZAKHSTAN is the real fuel&food for the world hidden away by even the west NEWS BLACKOUT COVER UP.MULTILATERALISM in total monopolistic antitrust MARKET MANIPULATION-Z puppet.Covid opened season on jacking the prices by the 1% TOTALITARIANISM and do you in your Right mind ever think those prices will fall backdown to pre-jan-6th russian invasion of kazakhstan? all nice and coved up for the moneys.While at the sametime in the NEO NEW world order in russia/china their WAR actor drives the markets SKYHIGH for the 1% monoploy DRIVING the markets in the very same algorithms.WE are F-tupped we let those dollar stores go to our heads and now we will get our heads blown off by runaway prices once again in the very same algorithms and maybe even nukies? does russia and china need the west? anymore? most likely not

  5. If Russia is rejecting the NWO, why is Lavrov wearing a mask and elbow bumping (per NWO overlord dictate)? Maybe a petty observation…

    • No; you nailed it. It’s the ruler/oppressors age-old strategy of divide and conquer. They create the good/guy bad guy syndrome, and drive it home over and over again in their propaganda ministry–the mainstream media, till most of the walking-dead moron masses believe their spiel. Russia is playing their part in this global war on humanity.

  6. It’s interesting and comical, but sad, to hear officials of totalitarian states talking about ‘fairness’? As well as the jerkballs going along with the fake-scamdemic?

    • Totalitarian States ?
      Have you ever lived in one or are just gorging on the Horror Tales you were fed with by your media ?

      • I’ve lived in the U.S. since birth; the most corrupt, inverted-totalitarian, cabal-controlled, police-state on the planet; at least the most dangerous to humanity. I don’t believe one thing the mainstream media upchuck.

        • I spent the 37 Years of my life in an Eastern European Country, some years later spent 13 Years in the Most Liberal of All Countries, namely Britain and sadly realized that my contankerous, argueing personality was MORE FREE in our Communist Country than People in the so-called Freedom of the Liberal Democracy 🙁

          • I believe what you’ve indicated. All these major and most minor governments of the world are either a dictatorship or are totalitarian. The U.S. Government, Russian Government, and the Chinese Government are the most dangerous totalitarian states to mankind. And, they are all controlled to some degree by the Rothschild-Vatican-Old-World-famililies-led-monolithic-global-cabal, which guarantees that all of their agendas are, have been, and will be anti-humanitarian. It’s past time but not too late for citizens and peoples of the world to unite and organize into guerilla armies and violently and totally eradicate this oppression from the planet. History has proven many times that a determined few, as few as 3-5% of the population, can and has eradicated the most powerful enemy, even in modern times.

          • I think You’re a Day Dreamer .
            Those days you’re speaking of are over .
            1.: People are less interested in FREEDOM than a good TV Program .
            2.: Now every persons every moment is watched, recorded . You cannot even blurp that those who cotrol us wouldn’t know it .

          • What I said has already been proven time and again by history, even in modern times. So, you’re arguing against facts and reality–I guess that would make you a dreamer?

          • Yes, it happened earlier, when :

            1.: There were many paople desperate enough to join in .
            2.: The Ruling Elite didn’t have 100 % control of the Society .

          • Not true. It happened when the ruling degenerates had more control over society. And it also happened in modern times. And, only 3-5% of the population affected these eradications, which is all that was needed. And, who cares if the braindead, walking dead masses would rather watch TV, because they are not needed or wanted in the first place. And, the masses or walking-dead, contrary to popular ‘thought’ have never thrown off their chains of slavery; it’s always been the determined few who have defeated the most powerful enemies.

          • ” And, the masses or walking-dead, contrary to popular ‘thought’ have
            never thrown off their chains of slavery; it’s always been the
            determined few who have defeated the most powerful enemies. ”

            Do you want to explain it to me ?
            In France, on July 14-th, 1789 an estimated 700-3000 people changed the History .

            Problems are :

            Today can’t even move your little finger without the Authorities knowing it.
            You’ll be nabbed before you raise your arm .

            In those times the so-called Democracy didn’t exist . Now voters can be bought with some cheap tricks .

            Did you hear that there’re progresses in the Thought Reading ?

            Did you see that report what was made in Germany?
            The Police scanned in a photo and within one minute the face of the man was bracketed on the CCTV, in a City, on the escalator going down the Underground .

            Did you read that in Moscow criminals are nabbed by the Police . No, not based on their face, what you can mask but their movement culture- the way they move .

            Did you see that Crime Story in which the Police caught somebody committing a murder based on videos and photos .
            And how did they do it ? Did the Police ask for House Search Warrants ?
            NO !
            They browsed the photos taken and videos made there – on the Cloud .

          • All of the circumstances and projected technology that the police etc. have or will have may deter the mass-majority, who weren’t going to do anything anyway. But, it doesn’t apply to the determined few, who can and hsve defeated the most powerful enemies, even in modern times, as proven over and over by history. You’re arguing sgainst proven fact. You’re a dreamer; an upchucker of the unknown; existing in a twilight zone of you’re own osmosis, which in the physical world is a trailor park in Raytown.

          • You’re a Day Dreamer, I’m a Down-to-Earth Person so no point to carry on thsi debate .

  7. It’s that way for anyone holding any significant political office in the U.S. They are all owned as well as the positions they hold are also owned. They are owned on many layers by many. The highest level that they are owned by is thhe Rothschild-led-monolithic-global-cabal. There’s not an ounce of quality and decency or ‘rightness’ in any of them.

  8. It is a trick Lucifer uses, to take his evil henchmen, freemasons and lie to you that they are opposeing one another, one a good side, one a bad side, yet they are just the same, so people take pride in joining one side or the other, because they hope one is the good side, then they will all serve satan and do his will. You never realize that the good side is God, and he is waiting for you to join his side, but you never do, because the 2 opposing sides of the same freemasonry, are both evil both aligned to trick you and both antichrist. They never tell you, God is the good side, because they alone have a voice and a say and control the media and you are just willingly led by Lucifer, because none of you have a voice or a say or any power to change or stop anything they do. All you have to do is take away their power and control. Stand up and no longer consent to their money system which is a scam they use to take all the power for themselves, and use it to take you from God, and make you worship and accept whatever “fake good side” they conjure up. Their money is just an illusion, that you agree to believe has value. The only value money has is to Lucifer, to use to get people to worship him, his freemasonry, his lies and serve him and forget about God and lose your souls chasing the money as your God. It is killing you, your souls and the entire earth. It is not of God. Lucifer brought it here from Hell, it is his only power on earth=a lie. Lucifer can only destroy life, with lies, violence and his deadly poisons.

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