Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Aircraft For ‘Violating Air Space’

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Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Aircraft For 'Violating Air Space'

A Syrian aircraft has been shot down by a Turkish F-16s. The aircraft was allegedly violated Turkey’s airspace in the southern province of Hatay.

Syrian state TV reported that it was a surveillance drone that was shot down while Turkey claims it was a helicopter.

Press TV reports:

Turkish media had earlier in the day reported that the country had downed a Syrian aircraft.

According to Turkish daily Hürriyet, a Turkish F-16 fighter jet targeted and brought down with two missiles a Syrian aircraft.

“The area is currently searched for the crashed aircraft. It would soon be seen if it was a plane or a helicopter,” an unnamed Turkish security source told the daily.

The Turkish jet started its operation from an airport in the southern Turkish province of Adana following reports that a Syrian aircraft had allegedly violated the country’s airspace twice in the border province of Hatay, Hürriyet added.

The Turkish NTV news channel also reported that the aircraft subsequently crashed into Syrian territory.

In March 2014, Turkey shot down another Syrian warplane near the Turkish-Syrian border. A Syrian helicopter was also targeted by Turkish Air Force in September 2013.

Turkey has been one of the main opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since a conflict began in Syria five years ago.

Many see Ankara behind the bloody violence in Syria as it has openly supported the armed militants fighting against Assad.


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