Elizabeth Warren Is 99.9% White, According to Her DNA Results

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The "vast majority" of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's ancestry is white European, according to the results of a DNA test.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Monday publicly released results of a DNA test that proves the “vast majority” of her ancestry is white European, yet she is still claiming to be Native American.

Native American tribes require you to be, at a minimum, one-sixteenth Native American to be eligible for consideration. The DNA results released by Elizabeth Warren show she is approximately 1/512 (0.1%) Native American, with a single ancestor, from around 400 years ago, possibly being Native American.

Warren gave the results of the analysis, conducted by Stanford University professor and MacArthur genius Carlos Bustamante, to The Boston Globe.

Bustamante said that Warren’s test results show the “vast majority” of her ancestry is European, but that “the results strongly support the existence of an unadmixed Native American ancestor,” likely 6-10 generations ago.

The Hill reports: Warren’s campaign also released a video on her family history, published fact-checking information on her website about her heritage, and published the results of Bustamante’s report.

“The facts suggest that you absolutely have Native American ancestry in your pedigree,” Bustamante tells the senator in the video.

The results of the test align with what Warren has said publicly about her heritage, though she has come under fire for identifying as Native American earlier in life. The “fact squad” findings published Monday on her website purports to set the record straight on those claims, saying that her heritage “played no role” in her hiring throughout her career.

The unprecedented move is seen as an effort to silence critics who claim Warren is fabricating Native American ancestry, including President Trump, who has repeatedly used the derogatory term “Pocahontas” to describe the senator.

Warren’s decision to release DNA results comes as speculation continues to grow that she will decide to run for president in 2020.

The progressive senator is considered a favorite to take on Trump in 2020, and said earlier this month that she will seriously consider it after the midterms. She is expected to easily win reelection to the Senate in November.

Trump has repeatedly brought up Warren’s heritage at rallies and when speaking about the next election cycle, saying in July that he would toss a DNA test kit to her onstage if the two were facing off in a presidential debate. The Warren debacle has drawn comparison’s to Trump’s false accusations that former President Obama was not born in the U.S., which eventually prompted Obama to release his birth certificate.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. My family has over a 16th undocumented Cherokee. With a little work, the proof is there, but the big factor was when a cousin got a DNA test and a dot for her ancestry showed up in Georgia, the traditional location of the Cherokee. Does Pocahontas have a dot in Georgia?

  2. The fact that Warren needs to distinguish herself as a minority is a function of her party. They are all about firsts…first black…first woman… first homosexual….first latino. etc. The winning combo …a woman lesbian black latino.

  3. This is for those Native Americans that welcomed the Devil into your own homes and into your reservations.
    You COULD have elected one of your own and placed that which you knew. Rather your misplaced TRUST brings dishonor and shame upon you. Those Elders have forgotten the path that your forefathers made. It is now over grown and difficult to follow. You have raised your own children that learned from your Bad examples. How do you undo that which is done? Are We not all created by the very same Creator? Do you strip away the honor and glory that you willfully gave to a LIAR, CHEATER AND THIEF? The Paths that your Flesh and Blood made over the centuries are disappearing as time passes. I wish you all well because you too are in the midst of turmoil and division. May your families stay strong and wise, and may the Love of Jesus Christ be with you Always.

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