3 Bizarre Theories About What UFO’s Really Are

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UFO’s are one of, if not the most, misunderstood and debated phenomena of the modern-day.  From the postmaster to the heads of nations and countries, everyone has an opinion on what UFO’s could possibly be – and that’s if the person asked even believes in them in the first place.  Ah, but that last sentence is the biggest misconception of them allthat their has to be a belief in UFO’sUFO’s are an undisputed fact – it’s what they are, who or what controls them, and aliens in general that we have no proof of – officially.

You see, people often confuse believing in UFO’s as meaning the same thing as believing in aliens – they are not the same thing.  UFO at it’s very core is only an acronym for one simple thing: Unidentified flying object(s).  To say you don’t believe that there are objects in the sky that governments, military officials, and civilians can’t identify is like saying you don’t believe in flying objects at all.  

A British Airways airplane is an identified flying object, while a round object with multi-colored lights flying low and fast over a city that has no civilian, government, or military affiliation, for example, is just, simply, an unidentified flying object.

Governments regularly use the phrase “UFO” in public documents.  The part where belief comes into play is when you begin to consider what could be responsible for the UFO’s.  A great article from Listverse examines 3 of the lesser-known theories for what or who are behind the UFO phenomena [1]:

1. UFO’s Are Demons


Some believe sightings of UFOs are actually manifestations of demonic activity prophesied to increase during the Last Days. Satan knows in the End Times he will be forced out of the spiritual realm entirely and therefore needs to corrupt human beings in large numbers. This theory posits that UFO abduction is actually abduction by Satan’s advancing forces [2]. These forces take people to engage in sinful, sexual congress and open them up to possession, just as the fallen angels had sexual intercourse with human females in the days before the Great Flood, creating the giant race known as Nephilim. The entities onboard UFOs are demonic but pose as extraterrestrial visitors to weaken faith in Christ and prepare for the creation of a unified world occult religion venerating the fake aliens.

The appearance of UFOs is also linked with the occult. Many UFO abductees have had previous experience with occult practices. Some claim there have been increased numbers of UFO sightings in areas where the Soviets conducted occult research as well as areas associated with US military research and Native American shamanism [3]. Crop circles, meanwhile, represent an esoteric form of communication related to Kabbalah and the Illuminati, a secret demonic language. Of particular interest here is the Milk Hill Script, Hebrew-like letters that appeared in a field of crops in England. 

Animal and human mutilation during abductions is the result of demonic experiments to create artificial physical bodies for Satan’s forces to inhabit during the End Times [4]. Abductees and psychics have reported sightings of “grays” relaxing in a vat of “human stew” made from blood and body parts in the hope of absorbing nutrients such as adrenaline. This stew is created by torturing and traumatizing human victims before death, particularly children [5].

2. UFOs Are Nazi Anti-Gravity Vehicles


Ernst Zundel is most famous for his Holocaust denial [6], but he was also famous for theorizing that UFOs are actually advanced craft created by the Third Reich. He was preceded by the work of Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, who claimed the Vril Society, an occult Nazi conspiracy, made contact with Aryan aliens living in the Aldebaran system. The strange “foo fighters” reported by Allied pilots were actually the first prototypes of anti-gravity craft designed by the society, incorporated into the SS. The craft was allegedly powered by an electromagnetic-gravitic engine known as the Thule Triebwerk [7]. After the war, the surviving Nazis regrouped to Antarctica to continue development. Bulgarian physicist Vladimir Terziski went even further, asserting that the Nazis had by 1942 landed on the Moon and later established bases there, which he claims has an atmosphere, water, and vegetation despite NASA’s propaganda to the contrary [8].

But it was Zundel, working off the success of von Daniken’s Chariots of the Godsand other UFOlogy books, who truly popularized the idea [9]. Writing under the pseudonym Christof Friedrich, he claimed a secret Nazi expedition to Antarctica discovered an almost tropical area the size of Germany where they established bases and withdrew in a massive convoy in 1945 with their secret weapons in tow. The CIA and KGB [10] collaborated to keep the truth of the UFO phenomenon secret while they plotted to destroy the Nazis and establish a global dictatorship. Thankfully, an investigation of the evidence by UFOlogist Kevin McClure concluded the Nazi UFO mythos, like Holocaust denial, is nothing more than bigoted delusion [11].

3. UFO’s Are Time Travelers


Perhaps UFOs do not come from distant space but rather a distant time. The visage of the famous gray aliens is considered by many the future evolutionary form of the human race. These humanoid beings have perhaps returned to this time period to help guide our genetic development [12]. Some believe these future beings have become dependent on technology and suffered an erosive genetic atrophy. They are forced to visit our time period to take tissue samples [13] through abductions, perhaps in an effort to cure future diseases. Dr. Bruce Goldberg, hypnotherapist and (self-declared) “world’s foremost authority on futuristic time travelers” [14] believes human “chrononauts” from a few thousand years hence have traveled back to our time period via the fifth dimension in order to further our spiritual growth.

One website claims that the UFO that landed at Rendlesham Forest in 1980 transmitted a sequence of ones and zeroes to US serviceman Jim Penniston after he touched strange symbols on the side of the craft [15]. Penniston noted the sequence down in his journal but apparently didn’t think to check if it was some kind of code until 2010 at the 30th anniversary of the UFO encounter. The translated binary code began “EXPLORATION OF HUMANITY. CONTINUOUS FOR PLANETARY ADVANCE. FOURTH COORDINATE CONTINUOUS.” The code indicated an origin point in southern England in the year 8100 and listed a number of sites supposedly visited by the time travelers: Caracol Pyramid in Belize, Arizona, the Giza pyramids in Egypt, the Nazca Lines in Peru, China’s Tai Shan Mountain, and the Temple of Apollo in Greece. These future beings are said to be behind the crop circle phenomenon, which are theorized to be a way of navigating between parallel time streams like someone leaving marks in tree bark, warnings and portents of future events, or even the secrets of time travel and parallel dimensions [16].

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