Person Gets White Woman to Drop to Her Knees and Apologize for Being White in ‘Comedy’ Video

Fact checked
Black Lives Matter goon forces woman to fall to her knees and apologise for being white

A person recently filmed an encounter with a white woman where he got her to drop to her knees and apologize for the color of her skin.

Update: An earlier version of this story stated that the person who filmed this video worked for Black Lives Matter. As noted by Reuters, the person has since confirmed he does not work for Black Lives Matter and claims the whole thing was a comedy stunt. We have therefore updated the headline and edited our article to remove references to him working for BLM.

Far-left rioters across the country are feeling emboldened after cops knelt before them.

So now some members of the public believe it is ‘funny’ to tell white Americans to kneel and apologize for being white.

A man recently approached a white woman in Manhattan this week and joked that his “CEO” told him to bring white people to their knees because they have “white privilege.”

The woman dropped her knees as the person then asked her to apologize for her white privilege as part of an elaborate “comedy” stunt.

The man also asked the woman to denounce President Trump.