Cameron Refuses To Apologise For ‘Terrorist Sympathisers’ Comment

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Cameron repeatedly comes under fire from MPs over his jibe against those who are against airstrikes in Syria.


David Cameron has repeatedly refused to apologise for calling anti bombing MPs “terrorist sympathisers”

As the debate on Syria air strikes kicked off in parliament, MPs called on the Prime Minister to apologise for his incendiary comment.

He was given multiple opportunities to say sorry to MPs preparing to vote against the motion, but he ignored them

The Prime Minister  told MPs in the 1922 Committee on Tuesday night, not to ‘walk through the lobbies with Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers’.

The Independent report:

But today he did not acknowledge requests in parlaiment to withdraw the comments, even from pro-intervention MPs.

“Will he apologise for the remarks he made last night against honourable and right honourable friends on this side of the House?” Labour MP Caroline Flint asked.

Mr Cameron replied “I respect people who disagree. I respect the fact that governments of all colours are have had to fight terrorism and that this is a debate about how to fight terrorism, not whether to fight terrorism” but would not retract the comments.

Other interventions came from MPs including pro-intervention Labour MP John Woodcock, Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake, and former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

Mr Cameron was asked to withdraw the comments at least seven times in the first half an hour of the debate, which is set to last well into the evening.

The rally rose to over a dozen times within the first whole hour of the debate, with Labour leader Mr Corbyn also giving him an opportunity to retract the claim.