Pelosi Calls President Trump A ‘Domestic Enemy’ Who Is Assaulting America’s Elections

Fact checked

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called President Trump a domestic enemy who is making an assault on America’s elections.

During a press conference on Friday Pelosi told reporters “So many people have said to me, and perhaps some of you along the way, What damage do you think Trump will do between losing the election and the inauguration of Joe Biden?”

She continued: “We knew he would be up to mischief” and claimed that President Trump is currently “trying to destroy the credibility of our elections, which we criticize other nations for doing….all enemies foreign and domestic making assault on our elections, well we have one domestic.”


  1. i think i will take the high road painful as it is and do like Thumper since i cannot say ANYTHING nice about the nasty ole woman!

      • Don’t we wish! I don’t think Trump can pull it out, the good part is we elected a lot of congressional folks, its time to take a look locally in states from the bottom up now. but the R party needs restructured or something, to many RINOS undermining Trump. Both Laura Loomer and the young lady in Pa lost can’t remember hier name but she is Black, and John James lost, we have to hold the Senate we just have to. have a great wknd be safe

  2. See ,always the same ,always the opposite with them who use Hilarys college chum ,Satanists Saul Aliskys handbook for radicals as their bible .And we know they cheated and did it with the protection of the totally UNDEMOCTATIC moral authority for rule of law as their enabler facilitator and protector .And we know that was done in partnership with those who in England, always the same inperialists really ,in order to save the image of the goodies.And regardless of the outcome we knoiw the truth.

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