Democratic California Gov. Pardons Three Immigrant Felons to Avoid Deportation

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California Gov. pardons three immigrants felons to avoid deportation

California Governor Gavin Newsom pardoned three immigrant felons last week to help them avoid deportation from the United States.

Newsom, who oversees the most liberal, pro-illegal immigration states in American history, pardoned Arnou Aghamalian from Iran, Thear Seam from Cambodia, and Victor Ayala from El Salvador. This means their criminals records will be erased which will help them avoid deportation back to their native countries. reports: Aghamalian, a 42-year-old refugee from Iran, was pardoned by Newsom after being convicted in December 1999 for aiding in setting fire to a nightclub owner’s car. Aghamalian first entered the U.S. as a refugee when he was 15-years-old.

Seam, a 41-year-old refugee from Cambodia was pardoned following his August 1996 conviction where a jury found him guilty of robbery, as well as an accessory to a high-speed chase where he was helping a wanted fugitive evade arrest by police. Seam first entered the U.S. as a refugee when he was 4-years-old.

Also pardoned by Newsom is 38-year-old Victor Ayala, a legal immigrant from El Salvador, who was convicted in 1999, 2000, and 2001 for misdemeanor theft, hit-and-run, and felony theft. Ayala first entered the U.S. when he was 2-years-old.

Newsom’s pardoning of the immigrants comes after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pardoned six illegal alien convicts last year to help them evade deportation.

An investigation by the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) in 2018 revealed that California’s sanctuary state policy — which shields criminal illegal aliens from deportation — is likely responsible for at least 5,000 crimes committed by criminal illegal aliens previously freed into the general public by the state.

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