Outrage As UK School Tells Mask Exempt Pupils To Wear Yellow Badges

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A British boarding school has come under fire for telling its pupils to wear a “yellow badge” to show they are exempt from using a face mask

A face mask mandate had been introduced in classrooms and corridors following a rise in Covid cases.

In a letter to parents, David Jackson, the headmaster of Farringtons School in Kent, said that pupils who are exempt from wearing masks “should wear a yellow badge to indicate this”. He added that the measures would be in place “until further notice” amid the covid surge.

RT reports: The move has come under fire from a parent group who claimed that the Kent school, which charges £34,050 ($45,500) per year for boarders, has made a “deeply inappropriate” request by asking students to wear yellow badges. 

Molly Kingsley, co-founder of parent campaign group UsForThem told The Telegraph that the “historic connotations” associated with yellow badges made the move “deeply uncomfortable.”  

She also claimed that asking children exempt from masking-wearing, some of whom will be medically vulnerable, will only serve to “stigmatise” them even more. Kingsley claims the practice is not uncommon and yellow stars have been used elsewhere. 

A spokesman for Farringtons School responded by saying, “the decision to re-introduce masks was taken following Public Health England advice in response to a spike in cases after the October half-term holiday.” They added that their primary motive was to keep the community safe.  

Any type of yellow badge is deemed historically insensitive to some who claim it echoes Nazi-era genocide. Jews were forced to wear a yellow star so they could be easily marked out for segregation.

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