Kenosha Rioters Shout ‘Death to America’ & ‘Kill the Police’

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Kenosha protestors shout death to america

Demonstrators outside Kenosha County Courthouse shouted anti-American and anti-police slogans during a Tuesday night protest.

According to photos posted to Twitter by Townhall reporter Julio Rosas, National Guardsmen stood guard outside the courthouse all night behind a newly-erected fence.

Rosas also shared a video of a young woman shouting “Kill the police!” as she held an American flag.

Another video shows a woman screaming “Death to America!” as she kicks the fence. An American flag can also be seen being burned. reports: Some protesters then began throwing projectiles at National Guardsmen and local police officers outside the courthouse, said Rosas.

Kenosha has been marred by violent unrest since police shot Jacob Blake several times in the back while responding to a domestic incident on Sunday. An eyewitness said that police told Blake to “drop the knife,” though he himself did not witness Blake carrying a knife.

Blake’s father told the Chicago Sun Times his son is paralyzed from the waist down; doctors don’t yet know if the condition is permanent. Late Monday and early Tuesday, a group of rioters set fire to several Kenosha businesses and some looters made off with merchandise. They set one fire at the Community Corrections Building and vandals targeted vehicles and street lights.

Kenosha is about 30 miles south of downtown Milwaukee.

Authorities arrested at least two people while investigating a fire at a library, officials said, and National Guard troops helped patrol the city Monday night.

Hundreds of protesters filled the streets of Kenosha some two hours past curfew. Some tossed fireworks into a line of police officers at a courthouse, which drew smoke bombs and flash-bang grenades in response. A garbage truck burst into flames after a rioter tossed an incendiary device.

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