Candace Owens: BLM and Antifa Are Most ‘Spoiled and Privileged People In The World’

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Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists are “the most spoiled and privileged people that have ever lived in the history of the world” who are “striking at almost an emptiness that is inside of them” as they fight for “various meaningless social justice pursuits,” according to Candace Owens.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists are what happen when a society gives birth to an entire generation of spoiled rotten brats who have never experienced any real suffering,” said Owens in a video uploaded to Twitter.

Something that never gets discussed is we are right now suffering from peace. What I mean by that, is that when you look at every single generation they have done something great. There is something to fight for. Ending World War One. Ending World War Two. Ending the Vietnam War. Boys going overseas and fighting for something that was bigger than themselves. They were united by that.

We have suddenly arrived amongst a group of people who are the most spoiled and privileged people that have ever lived in the history of the world. If you are born in America after 1980 you are part of the most privileged class of people that have ever lived.

I think that there is something in the human spirit that wants to triumph, that wants to say ‘We did this, we put an end to that, it’s just that protested and boycotted and put an end to the civil rights era and all the battles that were going on.”

Unfortunately there is really nothing for millennials to fight and end, because they are remarkably privileged – millennials and beneath.

So there is something that they are yearning for and they are not getting it in this climate of social media and Instagram hashtags and everything so quick and flippant, so they are striking at almost an emptiness that is inside of them, that they are trying to fulfill through all these various meaningless social justice pursuits.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. What a brain dead moron People fighting great wars for something bigger than themselves start with riots a d revolutionary acts. Is she a simpleton or being disingenuously two faced .? And nothing great came from any of it Nothing The poor are even poorer now than EVER before ,inequality more extreme ,social division more entrenched ,classist elitism more pervasive and evil than ever .And tbe rich richer more powerful more united and more ruthlessly cruel,arrogant ,smug conceited pompous and conniving .

  2. I disagree. Maybe the lowly rioter is just a spoiled brat trying to hide behind BLM and ANTIFA for some sort of protestion, but the organizations are led by trained domestic terrorists and the violence, looting and arson is approved of by the Democrat Party, at least until Nov. 3.

    These are the extents the Dems will go to in order to seize power.

    Imagine, if you will, what they will do to you and your family if they get that power!

    • Yes its just like the cia Operation Chaos from the 1960s Its just that we will have to wait another 50 years to find out through freedom of information

  3. BLM and Antifa are protected victim class (aka diversity) supremacist, and are sponsored by the Democrat-Neocon establishment.

    BLM is mostly composed mostly of militant Blacks that frequently demand and receive unconstitutional privileges and entitlements from the Democrat-Neocon establishment.

    Antifa is composed mostly of Militant Queers, Feminist, Jews, Illegal Aliens, and Militant Aboriginals that demand and receive the same nonsense privileges and entitlements as BLM.

    • The human race is made up of those people .The fact is stupid people are ignorant Stupid people dont know kniw that peasants in the past ,and even in ussr all had more land than todays average American Today millions and millions of Americans own no land at all and REAL Wealth is measured ONLY in terms of REAL ESTATE ownership .Even the communist peasants all had an acre in the country side as well as their city flat or house. People are deceived and the landow ers hide from them Hide the truth from them .

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