‘Politically Motivated Fraud’: Economist Slams ‘Fact Checkers’ Who ‘Debunked’ Him For Saying US Is in Recession

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A senior economist has been “fact checked” by Facebook after he stated that the US has now entered recession.

Phil Magness, a researcher and educator with the American Institute for Economic Research, reacted to the shameless fact-check by commenting “The entire media ‘fact checking’ industry is an exercise in politically motivated fraud.”

Facebook uses various “independent” fact checkers, including Politifact, a brazenly left-wing operation, which “debunked” Magness’ post about the Biden administration attempting to change the definition of a recession.

Magness now joins the ranks of conservative social media users who have long grown accustomed to being mistreated by Facebook and gaslit by fact checkers, none of whom are experts in their fields and some of whom admit they fact check while they are high.

Via Summit:

Magness provided examples of previous statements by Biden himself about being in a recession that were never fact checked:

The economist also noted that practically every other country defines a recession as two consecutive quarters of negative growth:

Biden and his administration have engaged in gaslighting on the definition of recession throughout the past week, and it has continued into this week:

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