Prince William Is Concerned Over Human Population Growth In Africa

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Britain's Prince William

Prince William has doubled down on his controversial criticism of overpopulation in Africa.

During a conservationist charity speech, the Duke of Cambridge said that the rapidly gowing human population is eroding wildlife on the Black continent.

Critics took to social media to slam Prince William over his comments. One twitter user pointing out: “To blame African civilians is to totally misunderstand African history”

RT reports: Unfazed by criticisms he faced four years ago, the heir to the British throne reiterated his controversial assertion that rapid growth of human population in Africa poses a dire threat to wildlife on the continent.

“The increasing pressure on Africa’s wildlife and wild spaces as a result of human population presents a huge challenge for conservationists, as it does the world over,” he said during a charity event as cited by the British media.

It is imperative that the natural world is protected not only for its contribution to our economies, jobs and livelihoods, but for the health, wellbeing and future of humanity.

The remarks came during this week’s Tusk Conservation Awards gala. Prince William launched the annual prize in 2013 and has been the patron of Tusk Trust since 2005.

In 2017, when he made the same argument during a Tusk event, he was accused of hypocrisy. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was expecting the couple’s third child at the time.

Asked about the new remarks by the Times, the charity’s director Robin Maynard said the duke was correct in identifying the growth of human population as “a key driver of wildlife loss globally.” He added that the missing context was that much of the pressure on natural habitats was coming from high consumption in rich countries like the UK.

“The UK has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. The most effective action we can take to cut our consumption is to choose smaller families, a choice not available to hundreds of millions of women elsewhere,” he said, without elaborating whether it applied to the family of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


  1. Such hypocrisy The English devastated Africa and built most of their piles on the profits from their savagery and revolting sports of hunting and killing and looting and plundering not just the wildlife but the Africans themselves And you can bet that whilst 80%of Africa was under the British Empire the first thing they would have done is make it all Crown Lands.

    • The English people didn’t do any of that. The parasites who control their government did. The only thing English can be blamed for is not wiping out these maggots.

      • No masses of English moved to Africa and India to be the white supremacists lording it over the natives The elite stayed in England really. Masses more English took their holidays on safari in Africa going shooting for trophies, zebra skin rugs, elephant risks, all that. They killed tens of thousands of animals for sport.

        • And since the British abandoned their Colonies it has ALL STOPPED .
          No Rhinoes are threatened to become extinct because their horns are in great demand for the Chinese Billionaires as an Aphrodisiac .

    • 80 % is a vast exaggeration .
      France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium took part in the Colonization, too .
      And anyway :
      It doesn’t change the FACT that the pace the population of Africa grows is unsustainable : 60 000 – on Each and Every Day !

  2. The same Main Stream Media that Spews Properganda Progressive Fakenews and enables South African Politics to Far Left Marxist Progressives destroyed South
    Africa. They want to do they same thing in the United States using Groups like BLM and Antifa to push for there Socialist Revolution.

  3. Over privileged, tone deaf hypocrite. Thing is the core assertion that humans are using up our only planet is correct. Parts of Africa and South America are the last bastions of Nature. Worry not! if the natives don’t trash it all we’ll get around to it soon enough. And oh, Willie? Empty out your palaces and game rooms of all the wildlife trophies and objects de art. Post haste!

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