Monstrous Green Creature Causes Panic In Taiwan (Video)

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Creepy footage from Taiwan shows a worm-like bright green creature with a pink tongue, wriggling around on the ground, captured by Wei Cheng Jian.

The creature was spotted during a fishing trip in Penghu, Taiwan, and was uploaded to Facebook shortly afterwards.

(scroll down for video) speculate that the mysterious creature could be some kind of worm:

The strange green mass could be a ribbon worm, or Nemertea.

Ribbon worms are usually found burrowed away in the sea in tropical and sub-tropical regions, however some are known to venture onto land, living in cool, damp places.

The worms have a special proboscis, or feeding tube, which it ejects when hunting.

The ribbon worm uses the proboscis to cover its prey in a thick, poisonous mucus which paralyses its victim.

Most grow to about 20 centimetres (7.9 in) long, however one was once measured at 54 metres (177 ft) long.

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