King Charles Calls For “Real Action” To Fight ‘Climate Change’

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King Charles

King Charles has warned world leaders that we have reached a “critical turning point” in the fight to tackle global warming.

During his speech to leaders assembled for the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, he said “real action” is needed to tackle the climate crisis and steer people and nations “away from practices that make our world more dangerous”.

MSN reports: He said the hope of the world rests on their decision-making during the summit – which he described as an “unmissable opportunity” to reduce the risk the globe faces from climate change.

“I can only urge you to meet it with ambition, imagination, and a true sense of the emergency we face, and together with a commitment to the practical action upon which our shared future depends,” he said.

He warned the world could no longer “carry on as though there are no limits – or as though our actions have no consequences”.Reflecting on COP21 which culminated with the Paris Agreement, the King said he hoped COP28 “will be another critical turning point towards genuine transformational action at a time when, already, as scientists have been warning for so long, we are seeing alarming tipping points being reached”.

“I have spent a large proportion of my life trying to warn of the existential threats facing us over global warming, climate change and biodiversity loss,” he said.

“Some important progress has been made, but it worries me greatly that we remain so dreadfully far off track.”

He said: “The dangers are no longer distant risks. I have seen across the Commonwealth, and beyond, countless communities which are unable to withstand repeated shocks, whose lives and livelihoods are laid waste by climate change. Surely real action is required to stem the growing toll of its most vulnerable victims?”

How does the King think we can tackle the so called crisis?

In the following video Alex Jones breaks down the evil history of King Charles and tears apart his plan to kill billions of people

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