Hundreds in Donetsk forced to queue in the snow to wait for aid packages

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Hundreds in Donetsk forced to queue in the snow to wait for aid packages

Ukrainians had to stand in long queues in the bleak snow while waiting to receive humanitarian aid in Donetsk yesterday.

The Mail Online reports: Lined up outside Donbass hockey stadium, hundreds of mainly elderly residents waited for the distribution of the aid packages, shipped across the border by Russia.

Kiev has cut aid to the eastern regions held by pro-Russian rebels since soon after Western-backed protesters toppled Ukraine’s pro-Moscow president in February.

Donetsk is a stronghold of resistance to the country’s new government and has been under daily shelling despite a fresh truce hammered out this week between government troops and militants.

Pictures from Donetsk have shown residential and official buildings alike shattered by artillery strikes, while Ukrainian officials accuse rebels of launching constant attacks from the city.

Russia’s aid convoys are a lifeline for civilians and militants alike. Kiev and Nato accuse them of being cover for material support for the insurgency, claiming that weapons are being shipped along with food supplies.



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