Starving Dog Freed After Getting Stuck In A Hole

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starving dog

A starving dog in Peru was rescued by locals after getting her head trapped in a gutter while looking for food.

The stray dog was rescued by residents of San Martin in rural Peru, who used a drill and a shovel to free her.

Mirror reports:

The white hound was rescued in the rural area of San Martín, Peru, after getting her head caught.

Called Nikki by her rescuers, she was searching for food in a canal and later emerged through another hole only big enough for her head.

Struggling under Peru’s harsh sun, locals gave the canine water as as residents worked out a rescue plan.

She was finally freed after locals dug and drilled a big enough hole around where she was trapped.

With no reported injuries, residents hope that Nikki may find her forever home.

starving dog

The South American country is noted by visitors for its abundance of stray dogs , with charities like Peru Street Dogs set up to help with care and rehoming where neccessary.starving dog


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