THREE Athletes Drop Dead From Heart Attack Within FIVE DAYS

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3 athletes drop dead from heart attacks within 3 days

An unprecedented number of professional soccer players all died over the Christmas period from heart attacks, as the number of athletes dropping like flies continues to grow.

Croatian Marin Cacic, 23, Algerian Soufiane Lokar, 30, and Omani Makhlid Al Raqadi, 29, all died this last week from heart attacks. They were all young, fit and healthy with zero pre-existing conditions.

Dozens of Athletes Are Dropping Like Flies and Nobody’s Allowed To Ask Why reports:

The most closely guarded bit of information that many are seeking is the vaccination status of the players. But with the adoption rate in professional soccer nearing 100%, it’s almost certain all three were “fully vaccinated.”

Unfortunately, one conspicuous group who are not among those seeking this information are journalists. The stories have received zero coverage in the United States and international corporate media has avoided the obvious question. Searches on DuckDuckGo revealed no mentions one way or another about the players’ vaccine statuses. In fact, none of the stories that we checked mentioned Covid-19, vaccines, or boosters.

We will be digging deeper into these deaths and others in recent weeks. Requests have been sent for specific information from the teams regarding their vaccine status. As of press time, none of the teams have replied to our requests.

It will take the players in these leagues and others across the world to step up and force the answers to the questions to come out. If the deceased were vaccinated, it would behoove everyone in the league to know which brand of vaccines they were given. Unless the players get involved, we will likely never be given the information since corporate media doesn’t want to know… or to be more accurate, they don’t want US to know.