Watch: Justin Trudeau Attacks Citizen for Asking a Simple Question About Ukraine Funding

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Trudeau caught attacking citizen for asking a simple question about Ukraine and peace

Justin Trudeau was caught on camera viciously attacking an audience member at a recent town hall after being asked why he isn’t interested in pursuing peace in Ukraine.

The newly surfaced clip shows a recent exchange centered on a very legitimate question from an audience member about Ukraine, and Canada’s refusal to push for peace. 

Canadian political commentator Stephen McIntyre presented the town hall video on Twitter, while providing the following context to the back-and-forth between an audience member named “Michael” and Trudeau: 

Someone asks why Canada hasn’t put forward a peace proposal to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, even if Trudeau disagreed with the question, his knee jerk reaction is to say “Am going to call you out” and says the individual has been swayed by Russian propaganda and disinformation. Chilling and Orwellian. reports: Of course, Michael the audience member didn’t so much as “pick sides” or express some kind of admiration for the Russian side or Putin. Instead, he merely asked about the prospect for peace, and why Trudeau’s government wasn’t doing more to bring Russia and Ukraine to the negotiating table. 

Michael began his question with, “Canada is traditionally known for advocating for peace, I know we’re a member of NATO, but I know we don’t have a nuclear weapon.” The above clip is edited (see fuller clip below), but Michael at one point explained that the conflict has become a full-blown “proxy war”, posing immense danger for uncontrollable escalation.

And then he posed to Trudeau: “Why has your government failed to draft a peace proposal to end this war in Ukraine?” The audience member explained that Canada should be exhausting all diplomatic channels instead of escalating while following Washington’s policies of escalation.

The prime minister immediately took a condescending tone and posture: “Am going to call you out!” he told Michael. Included in his essentially ‘non-response’ to the actual question, Trudeau called the audience member “totally wrong” before charging that his words and perspective were all coming from “Russian propaganda and disinformation”

Here’s the fuller clip of the exchange…

What more can be said of this truly downright Orwellian silencing of speech and legitimate questioning of top decision-makers… 

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