Top Doctor: ‘Unusual Cancers Are Spreading Rapidly among Jabbed Individuals’

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Top doctors warns that unusual cancers are spreading among the unvaccinated

A top Swedish physician has warned that patients are now beginning to show symptoms of rare and unusual cancers following the Covid jab rollout.

Dr. Ute Kruger is based at the regional hospital in Kalmar, Sweden. In a new interview with the Norwegian Association of Doctors and Health Workers, Dr. Kruger sounded the alarm at the disturbing rates of aggressive cancers she is now seeing. reports: Dr. Kruger, who has worked in pathology for 25 years and 18 years in breast cancer diagnostics, has studied 8,000 autopsies and is now convinced of the link between vaccination and death, to say nothing of her conviction that many of her medical colleagues continue to deny these links. 

“The vaccines against Covid-19 appear to trigger fast-growing cancers, or porocarcinoma (a type of skin cancer) and also inflammatory conditions in the body, so-called auto-immune diseases,” said Dr. Kruger. “Maybe this cancer development is linked to the inflammatory conditions. I’ve talked to other pathologists who are seeing an increased number of tumors that were hardly ever seen before. I mean rare tumors, and that the number of cancer cases has increased in different organs.” 

This is certainly true for a retired doctor from Edmonton, Canada. This man in his 80s, previously healthy, has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer. “I had my third dose late last year,” he says. “I was cancer-free before that. I suspect a link between these events because it seems more than coincidence that my son was given the same diagnosis late last year. This was followed by my daughter, who had a mastectomy recently for breast cancer. So the only person out of the four surviving members of my family not diagnosed with cancer is one of my children who remains unvaccinated.”  

In the U.S., Dr. Ryan Cole, an Idaho-based pathologist, confirms Dr. Kruger’s findings. “As a pathologist, I see patterns all day long. After the shots rolled out, I began to see changes in the patterns of disease. I realized early on that there was immune suppression, and the T-cell memory was gone. Then, I’d normally see certain types of cancers, but endometrial cancer, of which I’d normally see two or three a month, I was now seeing two or three a week,” said Dr. Cole in a recent interview with Chris Wark. “The T-cells that normally keep cancer in check were no longer there. There are certain types of cancer that are appearing quicker and more aggressively and at a higher rate in younger ages compared to what I’ve seen in almost three decades of doing this.” 

Not only is Dr. Kruger seeing a change in the types of cancers, but she also sees a problem with the autopsy process, which would allow these changes to become apparent. “I see three big problems concerning autopsies,” she says. “The first is incorrect and incomplete information from the clinics. For example, whether the patient was vaccinated or not.” 

Dr. Kruger has had several cases where patients were designated unvaccinated on the autopsy referral and were subsequently discovered to have been vaccinated. 

“Another problem is that many of my colleagues in pathology do not take it for histological examination,” she says. This means that pathologists are not taking tissue for microscopic analysis, which would determine if there were inflammation issues around the vessels. These inflammation issues could in turn, be the cause of blood clots, leading to death. “The third problem is ignorance regarding the assessment of the microscopic findings,” she says. During Dr. Kruger’s interview, she walks viewers through autopsy images that show inflammation of blood vessels that caused myocarditis, hemorrhage in the lung, and the back, neck, and spine of another patient.

But just as bad is the feeling that Dr. Kruger has that “people do not want to see and interpret the changes in their context. Nobody is listening to what I’m saying, and my colleagues are even questioning my competence.”  By way of example, Dr. Kruger tells the story of a colleague who consulted her about an autopsy report. She demonstrated myocarditis and suggested that the death might be linked to Covid-19 vaccination. The colleague deemed this conclusion “way too far-fetched.” 

However, the most recent statistics from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) through July 15th indicate that very little is far-fetched, and people are dying in droves: close to 30,000 reports of death. And that’s to say nothing of the 50,647 reports of myo- and pericarditis, a further 55,540 people permanently disabled for other reasons, and 33,009 more with life-threatening adverse reactions. Results through June 18th for the comparable European database register 45,752 deaths. These numbers likely include few, if any, casualties from the aggressive and rare cancers that Dr. Kruger is witnessing because these deaths generally take longer to manifest, and the causal link is more difficult to establish the longer after vaccination that death occurs. 

“The changes I’m describing that most likely are related to vaccination against Covid-19 are apparently only a fraction of what is happening in the body,” says Dr. Kruger. “I studied medicine because I wanted to help people, but now I feel like I’m just watching them being killed, and I can’t do very much about it.” Dr. Cole concurs. “Everywhere I travel, I get physicians telling me, ‘I’m seeing what you’re seeing.’ The pattern is there.” 

Watch Dr. Ute Kruger’s interview with the Norwegian Association of Doctors and Health Workers:


  1. VAERS data: More people have suffered brain injury from COVID vaccines than from all other vaccines in the past 30 years
    Friday, July 29, 2022 by: Zoey Sky

    VAERS data: More people have suffered brain injury from COVID vaccines than from all other vaccines in the past 30 years
    (Natural News) Data from Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) revealed an alarming increase in cases of brain injury following the rollout of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines compared to the previous 30 years.

    • My husband was a virologist/immunologist for many yrs, worked in Public Health and with a brilliant Nobel prize winning scientist. He also used to help develop vaxes back in 70s/80s – has not gotten a jab for about 40 yrs as he knows too much about them to trust them. That is very telling and should be a warning, yet even his own twin brother thinks he’s crazy. His brother knows nothing about the jab but ignored my husband’s warning and got the jab 3 times as did his wife. Now he
      isn’t even talking to my husband and is extremely angry with him. I have trouble with the fact that anyone would ignore warnings from anyone who knows medical science but getting angry with them? What the heck is that about? It has been known since forever that the protection from your natural immune system ALWAYS trumps protection from a vax.

      • The WORD is someone wants a lot of people Dead, to knock the world population down by 90%, to “save” humanity. No foolin’.

      • The Vax Scamdenic (As the Irish call it) was designed to Divide Families, Friends, Create Chaos & Cause Them vs US, & Destroy the Independent Middle Class that wasn’t Totally Dependent on the Government.

        Young Covid Mask Compliance Girl Goes Into Violent Meltdown in Elevator because the Elevator Too Small to Social Distance & Exit + Claims Food Delivery Woman Wasn’t Wearing MASK Correctly.
        Apparently the Girl Lives there, where as the Woman was Just a Food Delivery Person. Seems Girl Asked the Woman 1st NOT to Use the Elevator & When the Woman walked Inside the Elevator, the Girl Told her to Get the “F” Out. The Girl, Now Trapped in a Corner is Unable to Properly Social Distance & Cannot Leave the Elevator Due to having to Come Even Closer to the Woman. There Also Appears to be a Dramatic Dispute as to Whether the Woman was Properly Wearing her Mask the Entire Time. Hence the 3 year old Temper Tandrum, beating the Elevator Wall. (& heard from her Loud Ranting as she leaves down Hall)

        https:// youtu. be/MVBJT2zeSqs

        • Not surprised by this one bit, I’ve had similar experiences and is why I left California. Was verbally assaulted several times in grocery stores, etc. and the anger was so off the chart, it was scary. Not one person listened to me or my husband when we tried to tell them, husband is a virologist with 55 yrs virology experience behind him – we told them masks don’t keep out virus, holes in mask are too large to contain virus and virus is not that dangerous, it’s the common cold. NO ONE wanted to hear it, they preferred to be scared to death. Vast majority of deaths from covid were very old people in old homes who were being mur der ed by respirators etc.

        • P.S. saw the video re: Irish man going off on cops who detained him WOW, cops were scary and absolutely refused to give their badge # or names?? Who WERE these arrogant people with no emotion??

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