The Globalist Elite Want Us To Start Eating Each Other

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The elite have been using celebrities to normalize the idea of eating bugs and insects. Now they are using celebrities to normalize the idea of cannibalism.

The elite have been using celebrities to normalize the idea of eating bugs and insects. Now they are using celebrities to normalize the idea of cannibalism.

A new company called BiteLabs is using celebrities including Kanye West, Ellen DeGeneres, James Franco and Jennifer Lawrence to pitch the idea of eating human flesh to consumers.

BiteLabs promotes the same idea the World Economic Forum have been pushing for years now.

According to Bitelabs:

“Celebrity meat production requires less than 1% of the amount of land needed for traditional farming. Currently, 70% of the world’s farmland (almost 30% of the entire earth’s surface) is used for raising animals. Meat production today is simply unsustainable: unless a radical change is made, the price of meat will eventually rise out of control. Lab grown meats are the future.”

Judging by the reaction on social media, it seems the public aren’t quite ready yet.

The public might not be quite ready but mainstream media is doing its best to prime the public to start eating each other.

The New York Times caused a stir on Twitter this week by claiming “Cannibalism has a time and a place” — and suggesting that time and place is right here and right now.

Twitter users were horrified at the idea. Rapper and author Zuby connected the dots and linked the elites’ promotion of cannibalism to their push for us to eat bugs and insects.

The Illuminati agenda has always been about world domination. However, it doesn’t stop at domination. It also includes humiliation, degradation and ritual humiliation. The elite are intent on mocking us. Playing us for fools. And forcing us to wallow in our own misery.

Those among us who have been paying attention know that when the elite start priming the masses for something, it means it is already happening.

If the elite want the masses to eat bugs and become cannibals, they won’t ask our permission.

Remember the horse meat scandal in Europe from a few years ago? It turned out Europeans had all been eating horse for years when they thought they were buying beef. Don’t put anything past them.

The priming has gone into overdrive. It’s not just the New York Times. The media are now regularly promoting cannibalism. The Daily Mail is the most popular news website in the world world and gave a platform to a Swedish scientist to promote cannibalism as a way to “fight climate change.”

According to Professor Magnus Soderlund, of Stockholm School of Economics, the ‘conversation’ about the taboos of cannibalism can change over time and that people can be “tricked” into “making the right decisions.”

The key word there was “tricked.” The professor also told his audience that humans should eat insects and – brace yourself – their dead pets.

Frankly, by now, if you don’t believe the elite are planning to force feed the masses with insects, bugs and human meat, then you haven’t been paying attention. Hollywood celebrities have been enlisted with the project to brainwash the masses.

Many people believe Nicole Kidman is a Hollywood Illuminati insider. Her father Dr. Anthony Kidman committed suicide after he was accused by a woman who says he raped, tortured and killed children in an international pedophile ring.

Will you eat ze bugs? How about ze human flesh?

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