New US Police “Ghost Cars” Meant To Catch More Criminals

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ghost cars - "caution police state"

A Maryland Police Department will be deploying a fleet of what they call “ghost cars”. GeoBeats reports that there is “excitement” in the air at Maryland’s Cecil County Sheriff’s Office:

The vehicles are intended to give authorities a leg up in catching criminals, as from a distance they appear to be unmarked. At closer ranges, the law enforcement emblems become clearly visible.

Cecil County opted to employ the semi-stealth paint job on Ford SUVs.

In announcing the debut of the vehicles, the Sheriff’s Office posted a video on Facebook.

It’s titled, “The Ghosts Are Here….. Turn your volume up to 11.” If you’re an AC/DC fan, you may want to do just that, as ‘Thunderstruck’ serves as the clip’s soundtrack.

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