Pedophile Antifa Leader Found Guilty Of Raping Underage Girl in 2018

Fact checked
ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter leader, Micah Rhodes, has been found guilty of the statutory rape of an underage girl.

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter leader, Micah Rhodes, was found guilty of the statutory rape of an underage girl and sentenced to prison in May, 2018.

Rhodes, 24, who led Antifa’s Portland Resistance group, was found guilty by a Washington County Circuit Court jury in March, 2018.

The girl’s personal details have been withheld to respect her privacy. The jury’s 10-2 verdict came after a 1.5-day trial, according to reports.

Rhodes will be sentenced in May, however he is also scheduled next week to go to trial in Multnomah County Circuit Court in a separate case relating to sex with an underage boy.

Court papers say Rhodes groomed the boy on the internet and the boy wasn’t able to consent because of his age.

Rhodes faces four counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of third-degree sexual abuse.

The Antifa leader was on supervision by the Oregon Youth Authority for sexual abuse and sodomy at the time he was charged for alleged abuse in both counties, authorities say. Juvenile records aren’t public, so details of the earlier case aren’t available.

Rhodes had been required to register as a sex offender at the time he was charged in the Multnomah and Washington county cases, however that didn’t stop Antifa from allowing him to work closely with underage boys and girls.

It also didn’t stop George Soros from pumping millions of dollars into the movement.

As an Antifa leader, Rhodes was frequently seen at marches and sitting in on meetings at Portland City Hall. He also was a leader of Portland’s Resistance, a group that formed after Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016.

He helped organize people during night after night of violent and destructive protests immediately after Trump’s victory.

Rhodes is facing as many as five years in prison for the statutory rape of the underage girl if the prosecution successfully argues that Rhodes’ felony was particularly egregious. The court case regarding the accusations of rape of an underage boy begin next week.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. well well well….who’d have thought this upstanding citizen would commit such an act……diversity at it’s finest

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    • You are the dumb one. It’s true. I check before posting or believing stuff I read. Whoever posted this is correct. You know what to do with your bridge. lol.

      • I hope that if this is true he gets the max. I always thought you had to have a unaminous jury to convict. 12-0 not 10-2

  2. He was 20, “victim” was 17. They met on a dating app.

    Soros always backs human right issues.

    All Americans are against fascism. Aren’t they?

    All Americans are in favor of equality for all races and nationalities. Aren’t they?

    • Which victim do you say was 17? What about the boy he sodomized and what about the other crimes he’s going to be tried for? Soros is an evil man who delights in pillaging countries. Check out his history in Eastern Europe.

  3. As despicable as this person is for his crimes, would this even make the news if he wasn’t in Antifa? 5 years is a pretty soft punishment for a crime that is not one the perpetrators ever learn not to do. Pedophiles should be executed.

  4. God demands that rapists and murderers be put to death. Until we start following Gods way, we will continue to see both rapes and murders continue and become prevalent.

  5. five years?? he deserves a lot more than that, the shame of this is the fact that these scum that rape little boys and girls, the fact is these animals aren’t put in general population. most don’t even go to the big house, that are kept in a different place, for their protection, cant have those real criminals hurt these rapists of children. and that is a damn shame because to real convicts there is nothing lower than a rapist, and lower than that is a child molester of any kind. they would make these scum sorry for every day they are in with the big boys, and it is all well deserved.

      • Hope he greats a lot more than he gave, he thinks he’s a bad ass, well gen pop will make him a real toy. This A-hole is the epitome of what it is to be an ANTIFA communist /fascist.


  7. 5 years? You gotta be kidding. I am going to assume, since it wasn’t mentioned, that the girl consented, and that she was over 16.

    Hope he is treated as he deserves in prison.

    • Actually…look into it. 5 years is the MAX a rapist usually pulls, unless there are “aggravating” factors. D felony/equivalent most places.
      And even when SENTENCED to 10, they usually do 5 or less (eligible in 5 automatically, good time brings even that down, out in 3)…someone who gets a 5 year sentence will usually be out in 18 months to 2 years, if they’re not a “problem prisoner”.

      It’s disturbing that a rapist is likely to get a lower sentence than someone who beat the shit out of his spouse/roommate (domestic violence, automatically) with anything that could even vaguely be considered a weapon in hand (inclusive of belt or broom handle type “weapon”)…and if the perpetrator knew the victim and vice-versa, it’s even MORE likely to get a lower sentence.

  8. received funding from George Soros as part of the Antifa Portland Resistance group, what a surprise…that fake blonde hair will soon be covered in You Know What in Prison, Tough guy

  9. 5 Years? Are You Kidding Me? In My Court Drunk Drivers Get More Time Than That! He Raped a under age girl and boy! This Sentence is no where near long enough!

  10. He gonna love prison, they love his kind there, he’ll be made to wear dresses, probably tattoo tittes on his back, even tho probably will enjoy it

  11. This is weird. Antifa as an official organization with HQ, leader and membership records doesn’t exist. it is a loose federation of left wing groups. There are no meetings as such. It is a phantom. It is like people going to the pub to talk.

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