Obama Judge Overseeing Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Is Member of ‘Quill & Dagger’ Secret Society

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Judge overseeing Ghislaine Maxwell trial is member of quill and dagger secret society

Federal (SDNY) Judge Alison Nathan, the Obama-appointed judge presiding over the Ghislaine Maxwell trial who has unprecedentedly sealed the identities of VIP elite pedophiles at the request of Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorneys, has now been revealed to be part of the “Quill & Dagger” secret society.



The “Quill & Dagger” secret society is based out of Cornell and is equivalent in prestige and influence as the well-known “Skull & Bones” secret society.

Public records state that “Quill & Dagger” membership includes:

– Alison J. Nathan (1994) – United States District Court for the Southern District of New York; Associate White House Counsel; law clerk to Associate Justice John Paul Stevens on the United States Supreme Court

– Notable honorary members include Edward Leamington Nichols and Ernest Wilson Huffcut, who graduated from Cornell University before the society was founded, and Janet Reno and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who graduated before the society accepted women. Cornell University presidents Dale R. Corson, Frank H. T. Rhodes, Hunter R. Rawlings III, and Jeffrey Lehman all hold membership in the society. Nobel Prize-winning chemist Roald Hoffman also received an honorary membership.

– Membership is published in The Cornell Daily Sun each semester. Alumni include:

194 Cornell University Athletic Hall of Fame members
37 Frank H. T. Rhodes Exemplary Alumni Service Award winners
24 Olympic competitors
13 Rhodes Scholars

12 of the 100 Most Notable Cornellians
8 Cornell University Council chairmen
8 U.S. Congressmen
7 Pulitzer Prize winners

6 Cornell University Board of Trustees chairmen
6 Cornell University Convocation speakers
4 Cornell University Athletic Directors
4 Cornell University Entrepreneurs of the Year
2 United States Directors of Policy Planning
2 United States National Security Advisors
2 World Bank presidents

2 Super Bowl winners
1 Stanley Cup winner

– Other notable alumni who were selected for membership as undergraduates include Sandy Berger, Barber Conable, Adolph Coors III, Ken Dryden, Austin H. Kiplinger, Jules Kroll, Drew Nieporent, Jeremy Schaap, Leah Ward Sears, Jay Walker, Seth Harris, E. B. White, Ben Scrivens, and others.

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