Putin Warns About War With NATO

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Putin prepares to go to war with NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that he will declare war with NATO if it continues to provoke Russia. 

During a live question and answer sessions, Putin promised to “choke” NATO if troops continue to interfere in Russia’s presence in Ukraine and Georgia.

Although the diplomatic relations with the U.S. are set to improve following the election of Donald Trump, Putin has made his disdain for NATO abundantly clear.

Putin answered a question put to him by host Dmitry Kisiliov who explained that that NATOs unwelcome presence near the Russian border felt like “suffocation, like someone is strangling me“.

Kisiliov commented that NATO was “spreading like a cancerous tumor” and asked Putin what he intended to do about it.

We can choke everyone, why are you so afraid?” Putin asked, to rapturous applause from the audience.

We are not fearful, I have no fear and nobody should,” he added.

Fort-russ.com reports:

How close is too close for NATO to spread Eastwards, and how far will they test the boundaries? Talks of Ukraine joining the military alliance were on the agenda the 2000s, but ceased after Russia’s swift response to the Georgian aggression in Tskhinvali in 2008. Currently, the Ukraine is unable to join NATO due to internal conflict – the absence of which is a prerequisite for new members.

It would seem then that stopping the US-initiated war in Eastern Ukraine would be beneficial to US interests – or, are they fully aware, that this most certainly will not be allowed to happen as a direct threat to Russia’s security?

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