Sharyl Attkisson: Vax Mandates Are the New World Order’s Declaration of War

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Sharyl Attkisson warns vaccine mandates are New World Order's declaration of war against the people

Former CNN investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson claims that the vaccine mandates being imposed by government’s worldwide are a declaration of war by the ‘New World Order.’

In a Full Measure report, Attkisson described the resulting “debate over freedom, science and government control,” which is creating a sharp divide across America.

“Covid-19 vaccine mandates have set up the ultimate showdown,” Attkisson said. “… Already, there are mass firings, resignations and lawsuits. Now, a national mandate is on the way. Never before has the federal government mandated vaccination for such a large segment of society.” reports: September 9, 2021, President Joe Biden issued an executive order that would require executive branch federal employees and federal contractors to get a COVID-19 shot by December 8; he pushed the deadline forward November 5, 2021, to January 4, 2022, for full implementation. With the deadline approaching, 11 U.S. states quickly sued the federal government in order to block the mandate, calling it an unlawful, unconstitutional violation of federal procurement law.

Indiana noted Thursday, November 4, 2021, that they would file three separate lawsuits: one against the mandate for federal contractors; the second one against OSHA; and the third one will be against mandates for nursing homes workers, hospitals and other agencies that accept Medicare and Medicaid payments.

Meanwhile, November 5, 2021, OSHA issued its first notification on its plans to enforce Biden’s order, with a list of “frequently asked questions.” Interestingly, the vaccine mandate and testing will not apply to employees working exclusively from home, or who work entirely outdoors, even though they’ll be counted toward an employer’s workforce number.

A UC Hastings professor who is often call upon to discuss vaccine law, Dorit Reiss, told 10News San Diego that the reason OSHA isn’t enforcing the mandates on remote or outside workers is because OSHA doesn’t have the legal authority to do so.

“The agency can only impose emergency standards on issues where workers are in ‘grave danger,’” Reiss said. “OSHA is saying we have really good evidence that COVID-19 is a grave danger to people in indoor places. We don’t have the same kind of evidence that it’s a great danger to people working remotely, not working with other employees, or working outside.”

In New York, which issued an injection mandate that New Yorkers must comply with in order to visit restaurants, bars and gyms, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated, “If you want to participate in our society fully, you’ve got to get vaccinated. It’s time.” In the real world, though, Attkisson found that only one of four restaurants they visited actually asked them for proof of vaccination.

New York hospital workers, who are also mandated to get the shot, are also resisting, with 72,000 still choosing not to get a COVID-19 injection. Across the U.S., everyone from health care workers to police to professional athletes are standing up for their health freedom. Attkisson reported:

“There are already countless legal challenges moving through court. Teachers, police, and other first responders around the country, including 500 LA firefighters. And it’s about to get much bigger. Millions of federal workers and contractors are counting down toward a deadline to get vaccinated. And the mandate is about to expand to all private employers with 100 or more workers. About 100 million people, in all.”

Businesses Could Be Fined $700K for Violating Vax Mandates

Attkisson is referring to a White House announcement in September 2021 that companies with 100 or more employees will have to ensure staff have gotten a COVID-19 injection or be tested regularly for COVID-19. Fines on employers that do not comply could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions and $700,000 for each “willful” or repeated violation.

Currently, the fines only apply to businesses with 100 or more employees, but there’s nothing stopping them from changing it to 50 employees — or one employee. Anything could happen at this point. It’s worth noting that, at this point, the mandate doesn’t actually exist.

Speaking with The Federalist in October 2021,, a spokeswoman for the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration explained, “There is nothing there yet that gives employers any mandate. The president made an announcement on this asking OSHA to do it, but we’ve not yet seen anything come from it yet.”

This may be why more lawsuits haven’t been filed to challenge the mandate — there’s nothing to challenge just yet. Still, Rep. Chip Roy of Texas and Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, introduced a bill — the No Taxation Without Congressional Consent Act — September 30, 2021, that would prohibit the federal government from imposing a fine, fee or tax on individuals or businesses for violating a COVID-19 vaccine mandate issued by OSHA or other agencies.

As it stands, less than 2% of U.S. businesses will be affected by the mandate, as more than 98% of U.S. businesses have fewer than 100 employees, exempting them from the mandate. However, those 2% account for about two-thirds of U.S. employees, so they’re a sizeable minority.

Many of these large corporations have already put injection mandates into place or were planning to. The “mandate” announcement allows these mega-corporations to mandate the jabs without having to be the bad guy. In another instance, Los Angeles recently approved one of the strictest mandates in the U.S. and will require a vaccine passport to enter indoor public spaces like shopping malls, museums, restaurants, spas and other locations.

In San Francisco, city officials announced as soon as the shot was approved them that children aged 5 years and older will now need a vaccine passport to enter restaurants and grocery stores.

California also became the first U.S. state to require students in kindergarten to grade 12 to receive COVID-19 shots following full FDA approval. Council President Nury Martinez called the move “a necessary step towards returning to normalcy,” but there’s nothing “normal” about presenting proof of an injection to go about your daily life.

Will Mandates Further Hinder Economic Recovery?

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds called the mandate an “abuse of power” that would only worsen labor shortages and supply chain woes, further hindering economic recovery. Yet, speaking with Attkisson, Lawrence Gostin, head of the World Health Organization Center on Global Health Law and an adviser to the Biden administration, said the opposite — that vaccine mandates would boost the economy.

“Many people haven’t been to work for a year and a half. And so, they’re coming in, and they want to feel safe. And they’re not going to feel safe unless you have a largely vaccinated population around you,” he said, adding, “I actually do think that it’s about protection primarily, but it will have economic benefits as well.”

Sen. Ron Johnson, however, told Attkisson, “It’s going to be a disaster for our health care industry and for many segments of our economy.” He explained:

“Before President Biden announced the coercive, freedom robbing mandate from the federal government, hospitals were mandating vaccines. I’ve been hearing from their doctors, from their nurses, people that are heroes. They read the science, they see the study out of Israel that says that natural immunity is 13 to 27 times more effective than the vaccine. They’re treating the injuries. They’re not going to get vaccinated.

They don’t want to lose their job. They love their jobs, they love taking care of patients. But what they’re going to do is they’re going to be terminated and then we are going to experience an enormous loss of manpower and experience and expertise in our healthcare system. It’s already occurring.

It’s hard to quantify exactly how many have already quit or been fired over vaccine mandates. 600 at United Airlines. Teachers. First responders. Military troops. More than 3000 among a small sampling of hospital systems. There are already staff shortages and bed cuts at some hospitals.”

No Exemptions for Natural Immunity

The other glaring issue is that mandates make no exceptions for people with natural immunity. It’s the elephant in the room that the mainstream COVID-19 narrative refuses to acknowledge. A sizable number of Americans already have natural immunity from a prior COVID-19 infection.

How can you threaten a person with fines or loss of employment to get an injection for a disease to which they’re already immune? This is likely to prompt more than a few lawsuits, especially since it’s been shown that natural immunity may protect you significantly better than an injection.

This is one of Rep. Thomas Massie’s top complaints with vaccine mandates. “I guess my top gripe is, they’re unscientific,” he told Attkisson, noting:

“The latest study shows that you’re 27 times less likely to contract symptomatic Covid if you have immunity from prior infection, versus having the vaccine and never having been infected before. So why would you force those people to take the vaccine? It doesn’t make any sense.

… Ultimately, I have hope that the Supreme Court is going to find this illegal like they did with CDCs eviction moratorium. But in the meantime, Joe Biden is going to be able to bluff many corporations. He’s targeting 100 million Americans, those are their numbers. He may, without ever promulgating this rule, effectively get 50 or 80 million of them to comply.”

Experts also disagree about booster shots, and CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky overruled the CDC’s expert panel and went ahead with the recommendation to issue a booster shot for adults at high risk of infection. This is only the second time in the CDC’s history that its own ACIP advisory panel has been overruled.

Meanwhile, mounting concerns are being raised regarding shots for children, with Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology, among those who have stated that the risk of damage is greater from the injection than from the disease itself, especially among males.

Also being ignored by the mainstream narrative is the fact that those who’ve received the injections can still be infected by, and transmit, SARS-CoV-2. As Johnson said, “There’s no logical rationale for the mandate. We know that vaccinated individuals can get infected, they can transmit the disease. So what benefit are we getting from segregating our society, vaccinated versus unvaccinated?”

Vaccine Makers Are the Undisputed Winners

Who’s profiting from this increasing division of American society? Big Pharma, including Pfizer and Moderna. “As the fight continues, undisputed winners in the whole mess are the vaccine makers,” Attkisson said. “Even before the national mandate, Moderna was expected to pull in $19 billion in taxpayer money for selling Covid-19 shots this year. Pfizer: $26 billion.”

Pfizer’s revenue is up 134% from last year, and it expects to bring in $36 billion by the end of 2021, and that’s just for its COVID-19 shots. All in, the company is expecting 2021 revenue of between $81 billion and $82 billion.

As for whether legal challenges will be able to stop the onslaught of mandates, Johnson told Attkisson that he’s hopeful they will, but with a major caveat: “I believe the challenges to federal mandates will succeed, but probably too late, it’ll probably be too late. The damage will have already been done.”

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