CNN Reporter: The Left Invented ‘Fake News’

Fact checked
Sharyl Attkisson says fake news is a Google invention

Former CNN investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson claims the Democratic Party, in collusion with Google, invented the term ‘fake news’ in an attempt to discredit independent media.

Speaking on the “Newsvoice Think” podcast, the multi-award winning reporter explains how the term ‘fake news’ is a left-wing propaganda phrase reports: According to Attkisson, the research that she carried out for her book to source the provenance of the term fake news led her to a non–profit organisation funded by Google whose parent company; Alphabet, was at the time chaired by Eric Schmidt.

Schmidt was one of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign strategists and donors during Clinton’s 2016 presidential run.

“A smear artist told me that nearly every image that crosses your path on a daily basis whether it’s on the news, on a billboard or on a late night comedy show. All of it was put there for a reason, often by someone who paid a lot of money for it to be there.”

Attkisson is scathing of PR and law firms for “forwarding one narrative or one idea” which are rooted in political causes and often undisclosed.

She told Newsvoice that “the smear industry” is a multi-billion industry, that looks to target personalities or those with dissenting voices that the establishment wishes to shut down.

Journalists globally have been facing attack from their own governments and officials for just doing their job. Almost on a daily basis we hear of the jailing of journalists in countries like Turkey and China with a total of 262 imprisoned globally in 2017.

Sharyl Attkisson told Newsvoice that she too has been subjected to privacy violations at the hands of the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice. She explains the forensic evidence uncovered in the case, and her ongoing battle for justice.


  1. Let’s All get on the Lawsuit Band Wagon.
    What Our Government has done to US is criminal.

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